Protect the Crease (Comic)


Welcome to week three of Shinny! This week we learn that the lessons of hockey are universal, abstractable to all corners of life. In this example, we learn that the role of enforcer/thug/goon has meaning in responsible parenting.

To both readers familiar with Johnny Dangerously, congratulations on identifying the inside joke.

Thanks for reading Shinny. See you next week.


PANEL 1: Dad stands in front of BF.

DAD: Come with me.

PANEL 2: BF and Dad stand outside a closed door. The floor around the door has been a painted to look like the crease outside of a hockey goal.

DAD: It has come to my attention that you have been inside my daughter’s bedroom.

This is– as Marco Sturm might say– verbotten.

So I have made some… rules adjustments of my own.

PANEL 3: Dad holds up stat sheet in BF’s face. We can see his name and basic stats. No scoring, tons of penalty minutes, one assault and battery charge, a disturbing the police. Missing teeth. Chet McGorgensen, LW, the Harrisonburg Ice Holes.

DAD: If you cross that line, this gentleman is authorized to break your nose.

BF: Is that his phone number?

DAD: Hahahahahahahahahaha.


Those are his penalty minutes.

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