Return of the Shoulder Angels (Comic)


We took a break for a few weeks for obvious (sad Caps) and not-so-obvious (Rachel graduated!) reasons, but we’re back with fresh Shinny, and it could not be more appropriate.

If you recall last time, Shinny’s boyfriend violated The Code. Now, much like the broader Caps fandom, Shinny has to deal with the aftermath. On the bright side, the Shoulder Angels are back!



“Just shut up” is sort of how I’ve been feeling as well. My only output on RMNB since game seven, aside from editorial duties, has been jokes to try to cheer us all up. I’ve got oodles of spreadsheets and a heaping ton of Internet Outrage that I could share as well, but I think for now this is the best way to serve you guys– with fake text messages, silly captions, and unwarranted trolling of the Penguins fans.

And here on Shinny, Rachel and I resolve to deliver what the people want as well. And what the people want is the Shoulder Angels. Twin Sashas– one good, one enigmatic– floating around to illuminate all sides of a situation. The situation right now is an uninitiated fan whose transgressions have royally pissed off the pureblood fan in Shinny. We’ve all been grumpy riding home on the metro before, and how Shinny– and all Caps fans– handle that grumpiness goes a long way towards revealing what kind of folks we are. For example, I’ve learned that I can redirect all of the hockey rage I feel for the Caps towards other things like gardening, exercise, and the Detroit fanbase. It’s not working out well so far. How about you?

Moar Shinny! coming soon!

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  • Slava Malamud

    “What were you expecting? He is a court jester!”

    Bad Sasha is making inroads into literary language.