Ritual and Transgression (Comic)


Our hero chosen to bring her dopey boyfriend to the Caps game instead of her father. Now, we learn how Shinny, an avowed superfan, prepares for a big game — just like tonight’s bout with the Jets. There are rituals, superstitions, and traditions that must be honored. Everything must be just right or else it will surely spell disaster for the team.



I try not to socialize with fans of other teams, so I can’t understand how Shinny could date one. And yet there he is– wearing a crisp, new, powder-blue Penguins jersey to the Caps game and smiling like a goon.

Shinny’s own preparations are something sacred. Whether or not you truly believe your special socks will affect the game’s outcome, we all fall into habits. Maybe it’s a certain beer or a preferred posture– maybe it’s the number of times you clap (four, any more and the cosmic vibrations might disrupt the Caps). You might know it’s meaningless, or you might not even know you’re doing it. But you are. We all do.

Tonight is a big game, and fan anxiety is high. Nothing is certain right now, and in times of uncertainty we retreat to ritual. That’s good– it’s one of the things that bonds us to each other. But there’s always one doof like Shinny’s boyfriend who spoils it.

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  • lrhflute

    I think this might be the best one yet. Because I’m not superstitious, but I’m totally nervous about tonight’s game! I’ll be there to Rock the Red! LET’S GO CAPS!! :)

  • Rhino40

    R & P: Kudos on another strip well done. Each one better than the one before!
    +3 sneakers of sneaking. Grants vcombat advantage against chinatown escalator, +1 to arch support” = Awesome RPG reference.
    BTW, if boyfriend does not burn that goddamn Penguins sweater with a quickness, heads should get flown!
    Moment of silence for Christina Amphlett of the DiVinyls, who left us yesterday…far too soon.

  • http://twitter.com/kat326 Rachel Cohen

    Don’t worry, it got tossed before he was even allowed in the front door. There’s definitely going to be a pre-game Modell’s run on the way to the Phonebooth. ;D

  • Rhino40