That Guy (Comic)


With the best of intentions, Shinny takes her boyfriend to the game, where he proceeds to ruin everything.

shinny that guy

We at RMNB have a very new fan-friendly policy,  but there is one thing we cannot abide: leaning. You, sir, in the upper bowl of Verizon Center. Please keep your back pinned to your seat lest the people behind you will not be able to see. It’s only polite.

But as long as you’re not hurting anybody, there’s no such thing as a good fan or a bad fan. Shinny’s arm candy isn’t a bad fan; he’s just clueless. It’s our job as Totally Awesome Fans to welcome the noobs into the fold with open arms, because hockey is for everybody.

But seriously, lean the $#&@ back.

P.S. the two halftimes in hockey is my favorite line ever. Thank you, NHL, for actually using the three-period system as a sales pitch last year. Ya doofs.


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  • Jim Kelly

    Ugh. I’ve been guilty myself of leaning on more than one occasion. It’s hard to resist.

  • Peter Hassett

    me too, man.

  • lrhflute

    Lord knows my Mom and I have sat in front of these people before….although usually it’s the bimbo/clueless girlfriend asking about where the ball is or when the quarter ends. 😉
    (Although I will say, it’s gotten A LOT better in recent years….but girls were dumb at the Caps Center). 😉

  • Pierre Smith

    Oh god.. This is how I feel way too often at Caps games. Beautiful!

  • David R Wahnish

    Don’t forget the folks who come to the games and:

    • are constatnly moving about through the ailes & rows while the puck is in play…
    • spend the entire &$#% time yakking & texting on their phones about non-hockey matters, when they should be paying attention to the &*&#^%$ game…
    • constantly scream “SHOOT THE PUCK!!!!!” regardless of where the puck actually is
    • Sweater Trolling…

    Great stuff as always, RC

  • Angie

    I’ve been subjected to chatty “Kens” more times than any one girl should! They talk NON STOP about everything but hockey or they have no clue what is going on and so instead of asking someone that make crap up thinking that they sound like they know what they are talking about! The leaners happen in more than just the upper bowl, or the ones that think it’s a great idea to stand up when the puck is in play to fish around in their pants for who knows what. There are plenty of guys in need of some hockey etiquette!

  • JP

    I’ll admit it is SUPER annoying, but not standing on the escalator (or at least standing to the right) is really more of a Washington-noob thing than a hockey-noob thing. You can always spot the tourists in the metro because most of them just park it the moment their feet hit the first step.

    Hell in most of the US, people don’t even walk on moving sidewalks, let alone up escalators!

  • Rachel Cohen

    Oh yeah, definitely. The escalator was supposed to further Chad (the boyfriend)’s dopey cluelessness. (He’s not from around these parts, but more on that will be addressed later on as the comic progresses :D).

  • Rachel Cohen

    Don’t forget the folks who stand up the minute the puck comes to our side of the ice!! AUGH.

  • Slava Malamud

    Yes, standing on the escalator can be extremely annoying, since DC escalators never work.
    But leaning? Seriously? I understand standing and farting could be a distraction, but how does leaning over to your neighbor prevent anyone from seeing anything?