The Game, It Is A-Changing (Comic)


Hi everybody. Welcome to Shinny! We’ll be here every Tuesday morning with a new strip about three very different hockey fans. Let’s jump right in with our first comic ever– a discussion about hockey purity between a father, his daughter, and an idiot.



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PANEL 1: Dad, mad at TV

TV (OS): …The NHL board of governors is considering instituting hybrid icing and new penalties for dangerous hits in this upcoming season…

DAD: What?! This. Shall. Not. Stand.

They’re destroying the game! I don’t even recognize it anymore. What you see now is just a hollowed-out husk of what men used to call HOCKEY.

PANEL 2: Shinny declaring, BF considering

SHINNY: Naw, Dad. They’re just tweaking the game to keep it exciting. If they didn’t, players would adjust to the rules, and it’d be stifling.

BF: Hmm. No, I’m with your dad on this one, Shinny. The magic is gone.

PANEL 3: BF wide-eyed and nostalgic

BF: The puck doesn’t even glow anymore!

…so pretty…

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  • Rhino40

    Too Cool by 2.2 Kilometres!—I’m hooked…

  • Rhino40

    Oh…I and I caught that: The Left TV “rabbit ear” looks like the corporate-logo/lightning bolt/torchlit procession from Joe Versus the Volcano

  • Peter Hassett

    Thanks! A lot more coming. We’ve got like 20 of these queued up.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Rhino: In addition to the comics, we’ll be posting extras on the Shinny! tumblr. Mostly fun drawings/doodles & the like. :)

  • Jef Buzz

    Pretty “cool”