The Odds (Comic)


Here’s a little inside baseball: Rachel and I started putting Shinny after last year’s playoffs. For a while we didn’t know what the lockout would do to our precious little hockey comic. This strip in particular is a time-shifted product of that anxiety. Let us flash back to a conversation held between Shinny and her boyfriend in those pivotal days before the CBA memo.


BOOM. Mecha-Shinny vs Robo-Bettman. YES. You are welcome.

Let’s just be glad that — just like the non sequitur consequences of Shinny’s gambling– the uncertainty surrounding the league is now but a memory.

P.S. Let us know if you caught the other sight gag in this strip, ’cause it’s a sleeper, but it’s worth it.


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  • Andy Wallace

    I’m gonna go with Shinny having arm hair and her boyfriend not? Or her boyfriend wearing a Bruins jersey and then a Canadiens in the next panel.

  • Steve Kern

    I need Mecha-Shinny on a t-shirt post haste. Make it so.

  • MattAR

    Is it the fire behind Bettman, calling for Bettman to be fired? If so, that’s pretty clever.

  • Peter Hassett

    Whatever you think is more clever is definitely whatever we intended

  • Peter Hassett

    Yes, I agree.

  • Rachel Cohen

    Well, you got the 2nd part right.

    (She’s got freckles, not arm hair. >:| )

  • Andy Wallace

    Oh God I just realized that my bad… I rescind my first guess

  • Rachel Cohen

    Hahaha, no worries. :’D

  • Hockeynightincanada

    Andy, I was thinking the same thing at first too :) That’s two coincidental minors for us I guess

  • Forrest Smith

    Was the shirt change done when the Habs took over first place in the East from Boston?

  • Rachel Cohen

    No, I actually drew this strip a few months ago. I just chose 2 teams with great disdain for one another.