Windfall, Part II (Comic)


Rachel has returned from parts unknown so Shinny! is back to continue our best story yet. Special thanks to Sfé for filling in for us while Rachel was gone!

When we last left Shinny, she had just procured two tickets to a Caps game. And now, the wrinkle.


(Rachel’s been really kicking it up a notch lately, eh? You’re gonna love next week’s strip.)

Here is the essential challenge of fandom: How do you share it? With the one who brung you– the man who turned you into a fan and with whom you’ve already shared so much? Or do you share it with your special guy and build new memories? It’s tradition vs the future, Cash vs Reznor, GI Joe: Rise of Cobra vs GI Joe: Retaliation.

Which way will Shinny decide? That part’s easy. How she gets there– that’s where the good stuff is.

Thanks for reading Shinny!

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  • lrhflute

    Luckily, I never had this problem….it was just something I did with Mom. :)

  • Pat Magee

    Cash vs Reznor? That creeps me out because I’m currently listening to the original version of “Hurt”…….