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We need your help on something very important to us. Peter and I met at Frederick High School 15 years ago and to this day we both still live in Frederick, Maryland. We love it here.

Housewives of Frederick County... is about to lose.

Housewives of Frederick County: forever blog champions.

We formed RMNB about six years ago. Since then we’ve done some cool things: generate big traffic, break news about a Russian meteor, sponsor a NASCAR racer, and even moonlight on the Capitals’ TV show — while never forgetting our roots.

Accolades aren’t really our thing, but this one matters to us. We want to be the Best Blog of Frederick and dethrone The Housewives Of Frederick County, who have won this award like a million years in a row.

We need your help. We’ll make it easy on you. It’ll only take a minute of your time.

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Fedor Fedin Has Left RMNB, We Say Goodbye

About six years ago, me and Peter started RMNB with low expectations. We just wanted to provide some alternative Caps coverage and have some fun. Along the way, several people joined us, and they had a transcendental and magical effect on the site — authors that would take RMNB in a direction we never thought possible. Fedor Fedin was one of those writers. I’m here to tell you that Fedor has departed RMNB. Yes, I’m sad too.

Fedor (pronounced all wacky like this) is a native of Moscow, Russia, and he was one of RMNB’s very first commenters. I’m still not 100% sure if he’s a Putin-bot or not, but Fedor made his first contribution to RMNB in the most Fedor way possible. He direct messaged me in 2009 and showed me a Russian-language interview with Alex Ovechkin. “Do you want me to translate it?” he asked.

A few months later, the teenaged Russian got a byline on the site. Since then, we have talked almost everyday.

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Meet Dinosaur Land’s Oviraptor


As Alex Ovechkin has cemented his status as an NHL legend, he has seen his brand extended to almost everything. He’s repped sticks, checking accounts, ear buds, and his own clothing line. Madame Tussauds has honored him with a wax figure. When we thought the Ovechkin brand couldn’t go any further, Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin named a meteor after him and it went into outer space.

Now, according to reader Rianna H., the White Post, Va., amusement park, Dinosaur Land, has also honored the Russian machine in its own obtuse way: by hosting a statue of the esteemed Oviraptor on its grounds.

Yes. An Oviraptor.

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Amazing photoshop by me.

Apparently Ilya Bryzgalov isn’t the only Russian hockey player interested in the universe. After being awarded the Kharlamov Trophy as the NHL’s best Russian player on Wednesday, Alex Ovechkin was presented with an official “certificate” from Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin.

The certificate commemorates the asteroid that Elenin discovered on March 31, 2009 and named Ovechkin five years later. Elenin called the asteroid a late birthday gift for the Russian machine at the time.

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Last season, 23-year-old Stan Galiev saw a meteoric leap in his development. The Russian forward, who has always had NHL quality stick-handling and finishing ability, saw the rest of his game finally come together last year in the AHL. Avoiding the injuries that have plagued him in the past, Gally scored 25 goals and 45 points in 65 games, jumping from Hershey’s fourth line to the first in the second half of the season. He even played two games for the Capitals, scoring his first NHL goal during the team’s final regular season game.

On July 1st, Galiev, a restricted free agent, signed a two-year, $1.15 million deal to keep him in Washington through 2017. Caps’ General Manager Brian MacLellan will give him every chance to make the roster next year.

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No idea who put her up to this. (Photo: NBC Washington)

Frederick county/NBC 4 meteorologist Amelia Segal has her latest Winter Classic forecast for us… and is that…? It is!

She’s wearing a Caps jersey!

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We’re five days out from the Winter Classic, and I just wore a t-shirt and cargo shorts to the bank. It appears that crazy mid-Atlantic weather is back for another season. It’s 65 degrees on December 27th. Sixty-five degrees.

With that in mind, NBC 4’s Amelia Segal has a new Winter Classic forecast for us. A few weeks ago, I first spoke with the talented meteorologist/hockey fan from Frederick county. Now, she has some good news and some bad news for us.

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A few weeks ago, I did a feature on Frederick native Amelia Segal, one of NBC 4’s star meteorologists. We learned about her love of hockey and her relationship with the Caps. We learned that she’s a big nerd (I mean this in a loving way).

Now, with the blessings of NBC 4, Ameila will be providing Winter Classic forecasts for us like she’s RMNB’s own Jim Cantore.

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For hockey players who first learned the game on frozen ponds, the Winter Classic is a throwback to their youth. On January 1st, the NHL’s signature game will invade Nationals Park to pay homage to that tradition. But one of the major story lines heading into New Year’s day won’t be hockey; it’ll be about weather.

“It maybe snow, maybe it’s gonna be rain,” Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin recently said of Washington D.C.’s unpredictable climate. “You never know what the weather’s going to be.”

If you’ve seen NBC’s most recent Winter Classic commercial, there’s no doubt what kind of forecast they’re hoping for. As CGI’d snow falls around Washington’s historic landmarks, the clip announces, “hockey returns outdoors.” Barack Obama crows in the background, “let us brave once more the icy currents and endure what storms may come.”

The mere chance of snow excites fans. If the sky spits just a little that day, it could provide bigger ratings and better visuals both for NBC and a league eager to reach new fans. The weather will have a major impact on the playing surface as well. A long stretch pass from the defensive zone just won’t make it if the ice sheet is blanketed with snow… or puddles.

With all that on the line, one of the most interested bystanders will be emerging-star weekend meteorologist for NBC Washington, Amelia Segal. And for good reason. Not only does she love weather, she’s also from this area and loves the sport.

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CSN Washington Thinks You’re a World-Traveling Sex Fiend


The Capitals page of CSN Washington’s site has some funny ideas about what’s trending among fans on social media. The “Capitals Pulse” widget scans for popular tags and topics on Twitter. You can see dev camp stud Jakub Vrana getting a lot of mentions because of his new contract. Alex Ovechkin’s up there too because he’s freaking Ovi.

And then, at right, the widget has picked out YOUR active hashtags.



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