Blue Jackets beat Caps 4-3, Four-Game Losing Streak…

Jamie Sabau

Photo: Jamie Sabau

On Tuesday night, the Washington Capitals didn’t look quite ready to return from all-star break. Playing visitor to the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Caps did well enough at tilting the ice, but a glut of goof-ups in their own end gave Lumbus a too-easy victory.

After a quiet first frame, Mark Letestu kicked off a wild second period by scoring on the rush. Ryan Johansen got his 18th of the season soon thereafter, notching from the high slot, but Andre Burakovsky struck back half a minute later by tapping in Matt Niskanen’s long bomb. Fedor Tyutin beat Holtby after the top line and top pairing failed to clear the zone, but Troy Brouwer crashed the net to make it a one-goal game– again half a minute later.

In the third, Cam Atkinson cued those damn canons with a quick shot from the slot. Lumbus was buzzing after that, but Evgeny Kuznetsov shut em up with a wrister off a rebound to make it a one-goal game once more. A Backstrom penalty in the final minutes neutered the Capitals’ comeback effort.

Blue Jackets beats Capitals 4-3. Four-game losing streak. Ack.

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Nicklas Backstrom’s 400th Career Assist (GIFs)


Nicklas Backstrom finally got number 400. His 400th career assist came late in the second period, a quick response to Ryan Johansen’s goal just 33 seconds earlier.

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Goalie Controversy, Pt. 2 (Comic)


Last week, we introduced Shinny’s best friend and teammate, Abbie: a 4′,11″ goaltender with a foul mouth. We rejoin her in a flashback: the first practice at her high school’s varsity team.
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Caps at Blue Jackets: Please No More Cannons

mup mup mup

Welcome back, fans of actual hockey games. The grotesque obscenity of All-Star weekend is now behind us, so we can focus on — well, I sorta forget.

Jog my memory. The team we follow is the Capitals, yeah?. The other guys are the Blue Jackets, and I can’t remember if they’re good or not. Let’s say yes since the Oilers were awful and somehow won anyway.

Tonight the Capitals (or ‘Tals as they’re called among youths) will perform a hockey match at the Blue Jackets’ home base field. The puck will be tipped at 7 PM on the CSN channel with Joe Bonaducci and his collection of interesting hats.

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What Barry Trotz Doesn’t Want When the Caps Have a Lead

Patrick McDermott

Photo: Patrick McDermott

There’s been a lot written about the Caps’ play with a lead lately both here and elsewhere. And then there were Barry Trotz’s postgame comments following the loss to the Oilers last week that left some people scratching their heads. It’s a popular topic for good reason. The Caps are fourth in the league in possession when trailing and ninth when tied, but they fall to 17th when they have a lead.

Trotz recently expanded on his thoughts on the team’s play with a lead to Alex Prewitt of The Washington Post.

“A good example of that was end of the second period. There’s 20 seconds left, just make a good play or get it out and don’t try to be too fine. That’s to me managing the game and managing the situation.”

Psssssst. Hey, Marcus Johansson. Your head coach is talking about you.

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Photo: Melissa Schaab

“I think he said card,” Melissa Schaab said to her son Matthew. “I think he’s going to give Ann a card. Not a car.”

“But play the video again.”

That was the scene late Sunday night at the Schaab’s Laurel, MD home. Melissa’s 15-year-old son had been sent a video clip from his friends. It was of Alex Ovechkin speaking to reporters after his fifth career All-Star Game. The future Hall of Fame forward had mentioned Matthew’s sister.

The moment was unexpected, surreal.

“He means card. He’s going to send Ann a card.”

A 2015 Honda Accord is $22,105. A “Thinking of you” card by Hallmark is maybe $3.99.

He couldn’t mean car.

“Then I got on the computer and googled a little bit and saw more about it,” Melissa said. “It was all just sort of unbelievable. This is crazy. This is not happening.”

It was.

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Photo: Julio Cortez

Alex Ovechkin can score goals. Everybody knows that. His lamp-lighting ability is unmatched in this generation (sorry, Stamkos). And as Ovechkin takes aim for Peter Bondra’s Capitals franchise goal record (472, just 23 away), I asked myself how the Russian machine stacks up against the league’s all-time greats.

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Photo: AHL

After the NHL All-Star Game wrapped up, the AHL held their own all-star skills competition in Utica, New York. The Caps-affiliated Hershey Bears were well-represented at the event with Philipp Grubauer, Connor Carrick, and veteran Tim Kennedy competing for the Eastern Conference.

According to The Patriot-News’ Tim Leone, Grubauer won the AHL’s top goaltender award after stopping 16 of 19 shots. That’s cool. Then there’s Carrick.

The 20-year-old defenseman, who spent a large chunk of last year in Washington, unleashed a 98 MPH slapshot during the Hardest Shot competition, which is kind of surprising. His three scores, according to Chocolate Hockey, were 93 MPH, 98 MPH, and 93.2 MPH.

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Photo: @Ovi8

In news that will melt your heart, Alex Ovechkin got that car after all. After not winning MVP and not getting picked last in the All-Star Fantasy Draft, Honda presented Ovechkin with a giant key after the game anyway. Except it wasn’t actually for Ovi.

According to The Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt, Ovechkin secured the 2015 Honda Accord for the Washington Ice Dogs, a local hockey club for kids with special needs. Ovechkin skated with some of the team’s kids before the season. In October, Ovechkin went on a date with one of the girls, 10-year-old Ann, who has Down’s Syndrome.

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Photo via Caps Instagram

Sunday afternoon in Columbus, Alex Ovechkin played in his fifth career All-Star Game. He had his eyes on one goal: winning the car that eluded him at Friday night’s All-Star Fantasy Draft.

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