Joel Ward Shatters Pane of Glass at Kettler


Photo: @WashCaps

Washington Capitals forward Joel Ward muscled up and scored a career-high 24 goals last season. Now everybody’s favorite Prince Edward Island University graduate is breaking panes of glass at Kettler with his shot.

What a guy.

A few more photos from our readers below.

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RMNB’s 202 DC Sports Pride Shirts


On Thursday after we published our story about Brooks Orpik and his poor t-shirt selection, reader Manda made a simple suggestion: “You guys should make a 202 pride shirt!”

202 represents the area code of good ol’ Washington DC. As Wikipedia puts it:

202 is the North American telephone area code for Washington, D.C. It was one of the area codes originally assigned in October 1947. The capital was assigned 202 because the North American Numbering Plan Administration wanted to keep the number of “clicks” to a minimum for densely populated areas, given the rotary dialing technology in use at the time.

So Thursday night, I gave myself only three hours to come up with a logo and I’d only turn it into a t-shirt if 50 of you guys RT’d the image on Twitter.

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Photo: Monumental Network

Ian and I seem to like the Caps’ new Winter Classic jerseys. For me, they’re an invocation of a hockey legacy in DC– the discovery and acknowledgement that hockey has been here for awhile. It’s a synthesis of old and new. Plus I think the colors are pretty.

And while the majority of RMNB readers and commenters seem to agree, not everyone loves the new sweaters. That’s totally fine. It’s a big Internet, with room for all kinds of opinions. In the spirit of plurality, let’s share a few alternate design concepts created by and sent in by you guys. Any excuse to share your artwork, right?

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Photo: @Crosby2787

On Sunday night, the Pensblog published a post titled ORPIK WEARING 412 T-SHIRT IN WASHINGTONI didn’t know what 412 was, so I hit up the googles.

Fouronetwo, named for the Pittsburgh area code, is an activewear brand from Pittsburgh. It’s all about Pittsburgh sports pride.

For a player making his first impression to Washington sports fans, Brooks Orpik wearing a shirt specifically touting Pittsburgh sports was a curious choice.

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Photo: Amanda Bowen

For the past year, Washington Capitals season ticket reps have been pushing guaranteed Winter Classic tickets as a main selling point of full- and partial-season plans. Last night, the team has released more information on how exactly that’s going to work.

Plan holders have been offered assigned seats, which they can take or leave. They are not able to pick their own location as has been done in previous Winter Classics. Prices range from $79 to $349 per ticket, plus $19 in fees ($9 for a service and administrative fee and $10 shipping and handling).

Here is the seating chart:

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On Tuesday, the Washington Capitals revealed their new Winter Classic sweaters. There were some on the internet that were excited and others who were like “wut iz dis?” Count me in the excited group.

The logo design, based on Washington’s professional hockey team identity in the 1930’s, took a year to get completed. The white W and the stripes are inspired by the early 20th century jerseys, while, in a modern twist, there are subtle typographic elements that hint at the Washington Monument.

It’s an innovative, smart, and bold design.

Because most of our readers want to immediately hand over their life savings to the NHL, I’ve uncovered which Winter Classic merchandise is available to be bought– like, right now. Also, at the bottom, I’ve found dates on when other merch is expected to be in stores.

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On Wednesday morning, the NHL released a two-minute long video promoting the upcoming Winter Classic in Washington DC. The gravely narrator gets us excited for the Capitals match-up with the Blackhawks on January 1.


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Photos: Amanda Bowen

On a bright, sunny Tuesday at Nats Park, the Washington Capitals held their grand Winter Classic jersey reveal in front of a bunch of media and select Caps season ticket holders. Not only did Caps Alex Ovechkin, Nicklas Backstrom, and Braden Holtby model the new sweaters on stage (oh man, I love those ties), a bunch of other news and details about the event were released too. We learned that we will actually be able to see the all-access Winter Classic show produced by EPIX, the Russian machine’s fashion sense is still one of a kind, and the history behind the new Caps classic logo is pretty darn cool.

But the most interesting part of the day was having some of the biggest NHL personalities on the same podium modeling all this cool new stuff. Amanda Bowen, who’s had quite a busy first week with RMNB, has your photos from the event.

(Please someone get me one of those toques.)

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Your Favorite Capitals Players Will Swear on TV Again

Mike Green in the original HBO 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic series.

The NHL and HBO just couldn’t get on the same page about producing another season of 24/7 for this year’s (or next year’s, whatever) Winter Classic. No matter, the guy who pioneered the show, former HBO Sports president Ross Greenburg, is going to bring something like it to us. And he’s gonna do it on something called Epix.

Announced at today’s brouhaha at Nationals Park, which was totally inspired by Camden Yards, the as-of-yet-unnamed television series will be in four parts. We are promised cursing and stitches and all the not-totally-safe-for-kids-unless-your-kids-are-badass content we got from the HBO series, though the NHL seems to have final cut– so don’t expect any scandals.

And most importantly: it’ll be free.

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The History of the Caps 2015 Winter Classic Jerseys


The Arcade Hockey Club of the 1930s, inspiration behind the new jerseys. (Photo: Monumental)

The internet is really good at outrage. Also cats, but we’re talking about outrage right now, so please stay on topic.

Fashion is subjective. Not everyone could love the Capitals 2015 Winter Classic jerseys, and the infinite soapbox of the internet gave all the critics a forum to voice their opinion. Personally, I think the jerseys are pretty snazzy. I like them even more once I saw them on players in a real environment. The more I see them, the more I know about them. The more I know, the more I like them.

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