Finally, Alex Ovechkin Has Come Back to Washington, DC!


The photo’s kind of dark, but that’s him, promise. (Photo: @WashCaps)

After spending Monday and Tuesday in New York for NHL Media Day, the Russian machine has finally come back to DC.

This morning, Alex Ovechkin donned his Caps gear and took the ice with his teammates.

That basically marks the end of summer, so put away your jorts and your neon tank tops. Hockey is coming.

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What Are Your Thoughts On NHL15 So Far?


Every year during the second Tuesday of September, I do the same exact thing. I completely forget the new NHL video game from EA Sports came out, then I frantically go to the Frederick Best Buy right before it closes and purchase it. I then play it until 2 or 3am and then have the worst insomnia ever because I’m so amped and just want to get up out of bed and play it again until work starts.

Unfortunately, for whatever reason, I have broken the routine this year and am sitting on the sidelines. Again, I’m not exactly sure why, but feel free to blame Tom Wilson if you want.

So here’s where you come in. Please leave in the comments your thoughts on this year’s game. Should I buy it? Should I not? Are those selfies as sexist as Wysh says they are? Are Alex Ovechkin and Nicklas Backstrom’s hugs as sensual as they seemed in that one GIF I made last week? What ignorant things does Ray Ferraro say about the Russian machine?

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Photo: Express Gazeta

On Monday, the Russian website Express Gazeta released on-set video and an interview from Katya Lel’s new music video. As you might recall, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is co-starring in the “unusual and somewhat provocative” clip from the 40-year-old pop star, which will drop sometime in the fall.

Welp, “somewhat provocative” is right judging by these GIFs.

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Photo: Allison Stancil

On Saturday, a bunch of you came out to Ft. Dupont Ice Arena, and helped raise more than $2,800 for charity in just two short hours. Because you guys were so frigging cool, I had to get even cooler at the end of the party.

With “help” from Troy Brouwer, the Brouwer Rangers, Connor Carrick, and Wes Johnson, I completed the Ice Bucket Challenge in front of 100 crazed lunatics at center ice. I’m told it was a balmy 25 degrees at ice level.

Check it out yourself below.

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Editor’s note: This is another short piece about Ukraine and Ovechkin. Unlike last time, it’s light on political opinion and condensed history, but if you don’t want any politics in your sports, feel free to skip over this one. All opinions in here are my own.

NHL media day went a bit off-topic today as the press asked Alex Ovechkin about the controversial photo he shared late last month. Speaking with Craig Custance of ESPN, Ovechkin said, “I don’t try to make a statement.” He was speaking about the photo of him literally holding a statement in front of his chest.

“I just don’t want a war,” Alex Ovechkin said, just two weeks after holding up the Kremlin-coordinated slogan used to justify its war in Ukraine, while wearing a “no war” shirt.

It’s only the latest convolution of this nearly incomprehensible story.

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Photo: @ESPN_NHL

The reason why is pretty great.

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After another eventful summer, Alex Ovechkin has returned to the USA. To mark the occasion, I’ve been revisiting something we looked a few times last season: why Ovi’s linemates couldn’t score during even strength.

During 5v5 last season, Ovechkin was on the ice for 33 Caps goals, 20 of them came from Ovi himself. Either Ovi was making his teammates worse (no), or the Caps weren’t doing enough to supplement their captain’s scoring. They were one-dimensional, and that one dimension was Ovi.

When on the ice with Ovechkin during 5v5, center Nick Backstrom scored 4 goals. Two were scored by Eric Fehr, who shared under 100 minutes with Ovechkin, and another two by Casey Wellman, which I can’t even. A bunch of other guys scored single goals, though Marcus Johansson, who shared 600 minutes with Ovi, scored not a one.

I’m gonna try– and fail– to figure out what’s going on here.

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Photo: DaveArt

Swedish airbrush painter Dave Gunnarsson has just released photos of Braden Holtby‘s new mask, and boy is it a beauty. Built off the design of Holtby’s bucket from last season, Gunnarrsson continued — in his words — the “old school style” of the Capitals brand.

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Ovi on the flight home (Photo: @a0gr8)

In another encouraging sign that hockey is imminent, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has returned to North America, after a cross-continent flight over the Atlantic during the weekend. As we speak, the Russian machine is participating in the NHL’s media in New York City. Then, according to CSN Washington’s Chuck Gormley, he will return to nation’s capital on Wednesday.

When Ovechkin does arrive, he has a special event planned. According to the Caps, Ovechkin will host a private skate with sixty disabled children and adolescents at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. First, he skates with future pilots at an aviation school and now this? Whatta guy.

Ovechkin will then speak to the local media for the first time this season.

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The Brouwers with all three Brouwer Rangers. (Photo: Sheena D.)

9/8 Update: With post-event bake sale money and online donations included, the total raised actually comes to $2,800!

Thanks to everyone who braved the wicked traffic to come out to PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers/RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to Support Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™ on Saturday morning. In just two short hours, we raised more than $2,100 for Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena! Can you believe it?!

That includes money contributed through the raffle, bake sale and silent auction, and surpasses the total donation we made along with the Brouwers last year! Even better is that the real total is probably even higher than that, thanks to folks who couldn’t make it out to the party but still donated online. (If you’d like to do that now, head over to FDIA’s donation page.)

We think Emily put it best:

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