Report: Defenseman Ilya Nikulin In Talks With Capitals


Alex Rogulev of Rsport published a fascinating report on Friday that could spell big changes for the Washington blue line next season. According to the report, Russian defenseman Ilya Nikulin, who will not re-sign with Ak Bars Kazan, is in negotiations with an NHL team. That NHL team: the Washington Capitals.

If this pans out, it’ll be huge for the Caps and for Russian hockey.

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Photo: eveliinushka

On Friday, Caps Captain Alex Ovechkin participated in Ilya Kovalchuk’s charity hockey Game From Pure Heart . This year, the game was held at the Palace of Sports in Kazan and raised 8-million rubles (almost 125,000 USD) for local orphanages .

Team Morozov beat Team Kovalchuk (Ovechkin’s team) 11 to 9. The retiring Alexei Morozov scored three goals in his farewell game. Kovy scored four.

Morozov’s team consisted mostly of his ex-comrades from Ak Bars: Danis Zaripov, Sergei Zinoviev, Alexei Emelin, Vitali Proshkin, and Alexei Tereshchenko. The senior executive of Tatarstan/acting head of the republic, Rustam Minnikhanov, and the mayor of Kazan, Ilsur Metshin, also participated. Kovalchuk’s team featured Ovechkin, Alexander Radulov, Sergei Mozyakin, plus Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich and KHL chairman Gennady Timchenko.

There were some good moments in the game, such as when Ovechkin played against actual children.

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Photo: @kuzy092

We now know how Evgeny Kuznetsov has spent part of the $6 million he’ll get from the Washington Capitals under his new two-year deal: He bought a teeny tiny jersey for his 12-week-old daughter, Ecenia.

Kuzy posted the photo to Instagram with the caption “Готовь сани летом.” Igor has your translation as “Prepare your sled in summertime.” Sounds like … good advice?

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Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 11.02.18 AM

Photo: @Dustinpenner25

The career of former Capital Dustin Penner seemingly ended in 2014. In 18 games for the Washington Capitals that spring, Penner scored just 1 goal and 2 assists. No teams came a-nibbling during free agency, so it seemed the end for Penner: 9 seasons, 2 Cups, retired at age 32.

Not so much. Penner has begun a second life as a DJ of electronic dance music, a.k.a. EDM, an initialism that definitely won’t be confusing to hockey fans. DJ Pendemic (as he’s known on Soundcloud) began posting mixes and tracks earlier this year. In that time, Penner’s online presence has transitioned from internalized misogyny and hockey chirps to iffy grammar and promotions for his DJ gigs.

As for the music itself, I really can’t say. I don’t know much about EDM. But I do know someone who does. My friend Mo Gadalla has excellent taste in music. I asked him to listen to Pendemic and tell me all about it.

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Last week, Russian rapper T-Killah posted an Instagram video of Alex Ovechkin sweaty and shirtless. Because reasons. The two comrades, along with Ovechkin’s close friend Sasha Gusev, had just completed a game of basketball and were debating their sporting skillz.

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Alex Ovechkin has probably been on more magazine covers than Kim Kardashian and today he adds one more. The Hockey News will make The Great Eight their cover boy for their “Future Of Hockey” issue.

I don’t have much more to add than that– except, well, I do notice something.

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Around noon on Tuesday, Matt Cane of Puck++ tipped off the internet to a new job listing at the Washington Capitals. The Caps are hiring a statistical analyst.

If you clicked that link, you may have noticed that the job listing isn’t there anymore. Within ten minutes of Matt’s tweet, the listing vanished. No worries, we’ve got it below.

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Happy Tweet Like Ovi Day 2015))))))))))))))


You guys, today is August 8th (8/8) and you know what that means! It’s time to celebrate Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin and his amazing communication style with our very own made-up holiday, Tweet Like Ovi Day.

To participate, jump on Twitter (we’re @russianmachine), drink 8 Red Bulls, and then recklessly abandon all grammar and punctuation rules you learned in grade school. Make sure to conclude every tweet with a hahaha and some exuberant close parenthesis )))))). You’ll also want to include the hashtag #TweetLikeOviDay in your submissions. Let’s get this ish trending.

Ovi participated last year and it was, well, so sick))))))

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Photo: @MiHockeyNow

The Capitals have seen a lot of fan favorites leave this summer including Mike Green, Joel Ward, and Troy Brouwer. While seeing those guys in new sweaters is definitely weird, Eric Fehr and Steve Oleksy took it to the next level when they signed with rival Pittsburgh.

Like, check out Oleksy in his new Pens’ hockey pants, socks, and helmet, with his new number 65.

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Mike Green’s Cat is Banana: Making RMNB Last

Say hi to Banana and Mike.

Leslie K. asked me to write a story about Mike Green‘s cat, Banana. This will be difficult because:

  1. I didn’t know Mike Green had a cat.
  2. I definitely didn’t know Mike Green had a cat named Banana.
  3. Mike Green and I don’t chat much about cats.
  4. We don’t chat much about anything because I’m a blogger and Mike Green plays for Detroit.
  5. I’m actually pretty lazy.

Whatever. I’m up to the challenge. Let’s go.

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