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The day before training camp opened, Andi Lambert, the wife of Washington assistant coach Lane Lambert, died at the age of 45. She had spent the last 17 years battling a rare form of breast cancer. On Saturday, the entire Capitals team, along with members of the Nashville Predators, who Lambert previously coached for alongside Barry Trotz, went up to Ohio attend the funeral outside of Cleveland.

“I know it meant a lot for him for us to be there and support him and to remember Andi the way we all know her and love her,” Trotz said Sunday. “It just tells you the class of the people in this business.”

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Bet: Can TJ Oshie Score 30 Goals?


Illustration by Rob Ullman. You can buy a print from Ullman’s store.

Early in Monday’s preseason game, CSN analyst Craig Laughlin dropped a casual prediction: TJ Oshie could hit 30 goals this season.

Some people scoffed. Some people said heck yeah brah. Over at RMNB, Pat and Peter made a friendly wager. Now it’s our first bet of the season. There is poetry and beer-league hockey on the line now, so read on.

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Questions for 2015-16: Is the Penalty Kill in Trouble?

Jay Beagle may be asked to kill more penalties in 2015-16. This photo has nothing to do with that.

The Washington Capitals aren’t a great penalty-killing team, and they might get worse this season. With the exits of Troy Brouwer and Joel Ward, the Caps have lost two of their top-five penalty killers (in terms of shorthanded minutes played per game). Those departures are going to mark a big shift in PK workloads this season.

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TJ Oshie’s Two Goals Last Night Were Beautiful (GIF)


TJ Oshie was pretty darn good Thursday against Montreal. He scored his first goal as a Capital in the first period, then he won the preseason game in the shootout– his signature event.

The videos of the goals are bananas. (See all the other game highlights.)

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The weirdest things always happen to former Capital Alex Semin. In the past, we’ve seen Semin injure himself with his own gold medal and have his stick stolen from him in a game. Tonight, Semin did some stick stealing himself, albeit unintentionally.

During a third period shift, Semin’s teammate Alex Galchenyuk attempted to check Caps forward TJ Oshie at center ice. Semin, however, took the brunt of the hit. Somehow during the process of this, Oshie’s stick magically became glued to Semin’s armpit.

Unaware, Semin continued playing and lulz were had by all.

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The Washington Capitals traveled to Montreal tonight to play their third preseason game of the year. It wasn’t on local TV, but Twitter has us covered.

Caps captain Alex Ovechkin and new first-line right wing TJ Oshie scored their first preseason goals after two stunning plays. Oshie also scored on his backhand in the shootout, giving the Caps a 4-3 win.

On top of that, Burakovsky scored, Alex Semin did something weird again, and Oshie even got in a minor scrap.

You gotta see these highlights.

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Questions for 2015-16: Can Nick Backstrom Get and Stay Healthy?

Though he’s undoubtedly the Capitals’ best player who is not also a namesake for this website, Nick Backstrom has a worrying pattern of injuries. He got the terrible concussion debacle of 2012 behind him, but a series of rumored and admitted bumps and bruises have made Backstrom somewhat less effective in recent springs.

This summer’s surgery on his hip, which he says had been bothering him since last November, is only the latest of Backstrom’s woes. As of right now, Backstrom is expected to miss the whole preseason and might not be ready for regular-season action come October 8. Though it’s uncertain now, Backstrom’s health and durability may be crucial to the Caps’ success in 2015-16.

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TJ Oshie Explains The Last Time He Was Nervous

Photo: Amanda Bowen

Wednesday, new Caps acquisition TJ Oshie did an interview on DC101’s Elliot In The Morning to plug Washington’s home opener on October 10th. Two days removed from his first preseason game as a Capital, the show’s host, Elliot Segal, wondered what the new Caps first-line right wing felt when Barry Trotz announced him as a starter inside the locker room.

“I guess it’s a little exciting,” Oshie said. “You kind of get that jittery feeling kinda like you had in high school when the coach said you’re starting. With NHL hockey, I’ve been here a while. It seems more like a match-up type thing, but it’s always fun to start a game.”

That conversation led to something even more fascinating: Oshie discussed the last time he felt anxious on the ice.

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Matt Hendricks: Still Paralyzin’ (GIF)


So here’s something from last night’s preseason game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Winnipeg Jets that you need to see.

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‘Please Like My Sport!’ Why The Hell Should We?


The developments out of Chicago and Buffalo in the last ten days have been nauseating. The NHL, by its inaction to fight the intolerable treatment of its women fans and by its explicit support for the craven behavior of the Chicago Blackhawks, has revealed itself to be not merely unwelcoming towards 50 percent of this planet, but actively hostile towards them.

If you are for whatever reason no longer inclined to support the Blackhawks or watch hockey (or read the Buffalo News), we totally understand why.

No more hockey coverage from us today. We all need to spend some quiet time reflecting on what we can do and what we are failing to do to make this world less wretched for one another.

In the meantime, please consider making a donation to RAINN. Your donation is 100-percent tax-deductible, and ninety-two cents on every dollar go directly to helping victims and preventing sexual violence.

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