Pat Sajak’s at the Caps-Coyotes Game (Photo)


Everybody’s favorite global warming non-believer Pat Sajak had glass-side seats at tonight’s Caps-Coyotes game. Along with his son, the Wheel of Fortune host ambled down to Phoenix to see his hometown Caps play.

CSN Washington’s Joe Beninati mentioned that Sajak came in the night before and spent “a few hours on the links” on game day.

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Photo: Mark J. Rebilas

Like a throaty rock vocalist, Tom Wilson‘s been going balls-to-the-walls lately. The human bowling ball knocked over two guys on the same hit on Saturday. Tuesday against the Coyotes, Wilson established his physical game early, distributing two big hits on the same shift. The Big Stamos is feeling it.

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Caps at Coyotes Pregame: Let’s Get Some Points This Week


Shane and his Skittle stick.

I need a win. You need a win. The Caps need a win. Arizona is as good a place as any to get one. This whole week is as good a time as any to get some.

Stay up late with us, 9 PM, and watch the Washington Capitals in the high desert as they try to get the win they should got off the Arizona Coyotes back in early November. It’s on CSN-DC.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 7-7-3 52.33% 98.64 25.9% 80.7%
Arizona Coyotes 8-9-1 48.40% 98.80 20.0% 77.0%

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Mike Green Doesn’t Get Enough Respect


Photo: Getty Images

During a recent broadcast, CSN displayed a graphic showing where Nick Backstrom and Alex Ovechkin currently rank on the Caps all-time assist leaderboard. It wasn’t the first time this season we’ve seen graphics showing those two, plus Mike Green, sitting near the top on Caps all-time leaderboards. Allow me to quote myself:

I know Ovechkin’s play frustrates some people. Mike Green has taken criticism as well– whether it be about his health or purported weakness in the defensive zone. Let’s put that last part aside for now, but I’ll come back to it.

Let me get this out of the way: Mike Green is a great hockey player. No matter how bad some people claim he is at defense or how “soft” he may be in the defensive zone, the Caps are a much better team when Mike Green is on the ice.

(And no, he shouldn’t be made a forward.)

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Photo: AP

Two years ago, Igor and I visited Caps 2012 seventh round pick Sergey Kostenko in Reading, PA for an interview. Kostenko, who sadly is no longer with the Caps, previously played in Metallurg Novokuznetsk’s system in Russia and had a lot of great stories.

My favorite story was about newly honored member of the Hall of Fame, Dominik Hasek. The Dominator wasn’t just smart, he was an athletic freak.

A partial transcript from Igor’s interview follows.

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Oh, Hey, It’s Tom Wilson Shirtless


Photo: @tom_wilso

I’m sure half our readers could not care less about this photo. Like no cares at all.

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Photo: InGoal Magazine

You may not know who goaltender Eddie Pasquale is. That’s okay. After seeing this mask, you’ll never forget him until the day you die.

On Monday afternoon, InGoal Magazine released photos of the new Caps journeyman’s bucket. It features illustrations of George Washington, Trace Adkins, and George Straight. Uh, what? They go together about as good as peanut butter and sand.

Maybe InGoal Magazine can explain it better.

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Photo: Sergei Belski

Last week, Brian MacLellan spent time answering questions from the media. During the session, MacLellan spoke about his two big off-season acquisitions, Brooks Orpik and Matt Niskanen. “I think they’ve added a lot of stability to [John] Carlson and [Karl] Alzner,” MacLellan said of Orpik and Niskanen. When it comes to Orpik, MacLellan is wrong. Very, very wrong.

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Photo: Geoff Burke

[Editor’s note: Eric Fingerhut is RMNB’s ombudsman. You can follow him on Twitter and read his other work on his blog here.]

It’s pretty clear what most needs to be addressed this month: RMNB’s cheerful and optimistic outlook on the Caps, an attitude not yet shared by many of this site’s readers. Peter has written a number of times over the past few weeks that this current Caps team is not only much better than last year’s Adam Oates-led squad, but also, as he wrote in a November 3 post, “is capable of being really, really good.

Is this team better than last year’s team?  I think Peter’s on pretty solid ground there, and I don’t even think you need to cite advanced statistics to argue that point. Unlike last year’s team, this team doesn’t spend most of the game fending off dozens of shots in its own zone, is actually able to breakout of that zone in an orderly and efficient way, sustains offensive pressure in the other team’s zone and regularly scores even-strength goals, so I think it’s pretty clear the team is certainly better than last year’s train wreck (even if it was hard to tell during this weekend’s two debacles.)

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Photo: @a0gr8

The Washington Capitals are out in Phoenix ahead of their game with the Coyotes on Tuesday. And our mustachioed heroes have made the most of their off day. Alex Ovechkin put on his favorite Vladimir Putin t-shirt and took a selfie with Evgeny Kuznetsov and Dmitry Orlov. I’m pretty sure that shirt is honoring Putin and making him look like a action movie star, which, uh, yeah.

Other Caps players actually made it out of the hotel rooms.

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