Done, Done, Onto the Next One: Caps beat Flyers 1-0


Photo: Kyle Mace

Well, don’t we all feel like silly gooses. Turns out the Capitals are capable of closing out a series in under seven games after all. With a nailbiting win over the Flyers in Philadelphia, the Caps advance to the next round.

We were scoreless until the midway mark, when Nick Backstrom scored a rush goal on Michal Neuvirth. That was it. That’s all it took.

Caps beat Flyers 1-0! Caps win the series 4-2! Braden Holtby records the shutout!

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Brayden Schenn’s Head Shot Against TJ Oshie


In a series full of questionable, intent-to-injure plays, Flyers forward Brayden Schenn just delivered a head shot on TJ Oshie, the same man he fought at the beginning of Game Five.

During a race for a loose puck, Alex Ovechkin and Andrew MacDonald battled for the puck. Oshie gathered it and was charged by Schenn. Schenn raised his arms and hit Oshie in the left side of the head.

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The Washington Capitals have finally scored on Michal Neuvirth. For the first time since Game Five, the Caps have found the back of the net– Nick Backstrom‘s shot off Johansson’s pass on the rush.

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The referees in Sunday’s Game Six lost their damn minds. In the span of five seconds, Officials Dan O’Halloran and Ian Walsh blew two calls, resulting in a four-minute power play for Philly plus two minutes of 5v3.

They were bad calls.

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Photo: Flyers

During Game Three, Flyers fans showed boorish behavior that eventually turned violent during the Caps’ 6-1 win. Fans threw the organization’s promotional giveaway, plastic light-up bracelets, onto the ice, one of which struck Caps defenseman Dmitry Orlov in the face. Orlov had been getting medical attention after getting checked boarded by Pierre-Édouard Bellemare. Minutes later, the fans were given a minor penalty and were criticized by PA announcer Lou Nolan.

The Flyers organization, who had planned to give the bracelets away again in Game Four, did not, opting to give away a tshirt with the Flyers logo filled up with words that they thought represented the team. Ahead of Game Six, the Flyers gave away another t-shirt, but this time it made light of the Flyers violence in Game Three. It featured Lou Nolan reminding fans to “Stay Classy.”

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Round 1, Game 6 Live Blog: Caps at Flyers


Photo: Patrick Smith

The Caps are back in Philadelphia and on this lovely Sunday afternoon we’ll see if they can cash in on their 3rd opportunity to eliminate the Flyers and move on to the 2nd round to face the Pittsburgh Penguins. The effort the Caps put out on Friday was phenomenal and if they can repeat it again tonight, I have a feeling dancing will be going on in the postgame.

The stonewall that is Michal Neuvirth is still in net for the Flyers, Brooks Orpik is still hurt and I just woke up.

Game Six liveblog below.

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Nick Backstrom World Cup of Hockey

The World Cup of Hockey is rolling out its marketing plan and it features Nick Backstrom.


Wearing his beautiful tre kronor uniform, Backstrom appeared on the “Reg Carling” show for the ad. But Backstrom did not stay long.

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Caps at Flyers Pregame: Always Be Closing


You know the deal. The Caps failed to finish the Flyers in games four and five. Now, on their home turf, the Flyers have a chance to tie the series and force a game seven.

We’d rather not see that happen. We’ve got reservations at Olive Garden on Wednesday.

Puck drops at noon on NBC proper.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 56-18-8 52.0% 101.1 21.9% (5th) 85.2% (2nd)
Philadelphia Flyers 41-27-14 50.1% 100.5 18.9% (11th) 80.5% (20th)

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The Pittsburgh Penguins Will Play the Winner of Caps-Flyers

Gregory Shamus

Photo: Gregory Shamus

The Pittsburgh Penguins defeated the New York Rangers today in a 6-3 rout on home ice, ending that series decisively in five games.

That means the winner of the Capitals-Flyers series will face the Penguins, the hottest team in the league, in the second round. It’ll either be Sid vs Ovi (again) or the Battle of Pennsylvania (again). Either way, the NHL is feeling pretty good about their playoff format right now.

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The Capitals Don’t Like Your Narrative


Photo: Patrick McDermott

In Game Five, the Philadelphia Flyers had the fewest shots they’ve ever had in a game. But they won. The Washington Capitals, at one point up 3-0 in the series, are now heading to Philly, where the Flyers have a chance Sunday to force a Game Seven. This is the second time the Flyers have won two games in a row after being down 3-0. The last time, against the Bruins in 2010, they won the next two as well, becoming the third team in NHL history to win a series after being down 3-0.

Washington has a playoff pedigree as well. It involves losing in painful ways. It’s on everyone’s minds. But the Capitals want none of it. Here’s what they said after dropping Game Five.

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