Anthem singer Bob McDonald, not in spandex, and the Brouwer Rangers. (Photo: @CAPLDY)

Yesterday, we announced that Troy and Carmen Brouwer will be joining us this Saturday, Sept. 6, for  #PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™. But if hanging out with the Washington Capitals’ best player* and his cool wife isn’t your thing, maybe our next VIP guest will be.

We’re excited to announce that the one and only Bob McDonald – star of stage and screen, part-time wine snob and certified American hero – will be kicking off the festivities with his beloved rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” a.k.a. our national anthem, promptly at 10 a.m.

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Jakub Vrana

Photo: Peter Jigerstrom/Corren

As Capitals training camp looms, speculation about how the pieces might fit begin. Rarely, however, does that speculation come from inside the organization.

Except that’s the case this time, as Caps Swedish scout Mats Weiderstal had some interesting things to say when talking with Per Bergsten of the Linkoping-based newspaper Corren about the future of Caps prospect Jakub Vrana. Here are the quotes, as translated by friend-of-the-blog Matilda Wrigsjo.

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Led by Corey Masisak, a team of writers have published their ranking of the league’s top 14 centers. Washington Capitals center Nick Backstrom is not on that list.

Nathan MacKinnon, Claude Giroux, Joe Thornton, and Henrik Sedin all ranked above Backstrom. Only one writer, Dan Rosen, included Backstrom in the top 14.

I’m not outraged. I can kind of see why they did it, and it all depends on how we define our terms.

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Here’s Your Comcast Sportsnet 2014-15 TV Schedule

The Capitals and Comcast Sportsnet have announced their TV schedule for the season. We’ve got the full list below, but here’s what you need to know now:

  • CSN and CSN+ will air 70 games, with NBCSN picking up the remainder.
  • I count 9 games on CSN+. If you don’t get CSN+, start dating someone who does.
  • Your boys Joe Beninati, Craig Laughlin, and Al Koken are all back.
  • Alan May is back as well, though it’d be better if he were between the benches for every home game.
  • Rob Carlin and Brent Johnson’s gigantic wristwatch will be doing post-game stuff as per usual.
  • The press release threatens, I mean promises, more programming from Brian Mitchell.
  • Five out of eight preseason games will be broadcast. I will recap zero of them!

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#PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™ will be held this Saturday from 10 am to noon, and it’s stacking up to be pretty epic. You should RSVP to it and stuff. In addition to 2 hours of open skating time at Fort Dupont, we’re offering a mouthwatering bake sale menu and will be raffling off more than $550 in prizes (more on both later this week), all to raise money for one of the Capitals organization’s favorite nonprofits promoting hockey and other ice-based sporting activities in the community.

As if you needed more reason to attend, we’re also super excited to announce some special guests who will be partying with us.

Can you guess who it is? Go ahead, guess! (No cheating by looking at the headline of this article.)

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For those of you whose lives literally stop until we post about that thing Ovechkin just did on social media, I would like to apologize on behalf of the entire blog for being more than 48 hours late on this article. Please forgive us.

You see, on Saturday, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was hanging out with Evgeni Malkin after the “From Pure Heart” charity hockey game. In a dark room, with the superstars face-to-face, Ovi started filming.

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Photo: R-Sport

On Saturday, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin participated in Ilya Kovalchuk’s charity hockey game, “From Pure Heart.” Also at the game was KHL president Alexander Medvedev.

A member of Sport-Express’s sports department caught up with Medvedev, asking a bunch of questions about the charity game and the KHL. At the end of their conversation, the interviewer asked a rote question about when Ovechkin and other Russian NHL stars might leave North America and come back home.

Medvedev’s answer was portentous.

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Karl Alzner Is Almost Back to DC (Photo)


Let us rejoice. Karl Alzner‘s long journey from Canada is almost over. Only 39 days until Caps hockey begins again!

Photo: @KarlAlzner

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Ovechkin and Alexei Yashin share a laugh before the game. (Photo: R-Sport)

On Saturday, Alex Ovechkin traveled 45 miles from his Moscow home to participate in the fifth iteration of Ilya Kovalchuk’s charity hockey game held in neighboring Chekhov, home of KHL Vityaz. The proceeds of the game, which translates to “From Pure Heart,” raised $16 million rubles (or slightly under $500k dollars) for various orphanages.

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Photo: @EASportsNHL

On September 9th, EA Sports will release the latest edition of their hockey franchise, NHL15. With the game jumping up to the more-powerful Xbox One and Playstation 4 consoles this year, video game designers at Electronic Arts could finally push some parts of the franchise that have been lagging for a long time.

For Washington Capitals fans, that means an impeccably designed Verizon Center, the Rock The Red logo literally everywhere, and a few pesky Penguins fans invading the arena during rivalry games.

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