RMNB Staff

Ian Oland fell in love with the Caps after Steve Konowalchuk promised to score a hat trick for him… and actually did it. As co-founder and publisher of RMNB, Ian has responsibilities from design to management to writing and promoting the site. Ian was the mastermind behind the Barack the Red campaign and takes pride in having nudged Andrew Gordon to blog about his 2010 Calder Cup championship. Ian is a graduate of UMBC, where he majored in graphic design with a minor in art history. By day he’s a web designer and email marketer at Visual Data Systems. Ian’s claim to fame was an extra role in the movie Dave (try to find him!), but now his passion lies in his two beloved ferrets: Ovechtrick (“Tricky!”) and Nessie.

Peter Hassett has been a Capitals fan for two decades — as long as you don’t count the Jagr part. He writes jokes, recaps, and analysis and has served as managing editor at RMNB since co-founding it in 2009. Peter earned a B.A. in English from James Madison University and now works as a writer/UX engineer/business analyst/all-purpose nerd for a software firm in Frederick, Maryland. He loves his bulldog very much.

Chris Gordon is the master of a growing harem of women. In addition to his role as senior editor, Chris writes features and takes photos, which has led to an inordinate and somewhat disturbing number of close-up shots of hockey players on his hard drive. His work has been published in The New York Times, something he only mentions every four minutes. Residing in Oakton, Virginia, he follows politics, reads, and makes asinine jokes in his free time. He can usually be found representing RMNB on the west side of the Verizon Center press box.

Fedor Fedin is a Caps fan in two languages with a flame for the business side of the game. He serves as a translator and prospects writer at RMNB. He’s also a sportswriter at Voice of America Russian News Service, where he covers hockey among other sports. Fedor lives in Moscow City, Russia, where he’s currently studying management at Small Business College #48 at Khoroshevo. In his spare time, Fedor pores over English dictionaries and studies political geography.

Igor Kleyner fell in love with hockey watching Canadians and Russians beating each other into a bloody mess in the Summit Series. Igor helps RMNB readers keep abreast of hockey news from Russia and also writes about his conversations with the Russian-speaking Caps players.  He lives in Potomac, Maryland, designs spacecraft in his spare time, and is a proud dad of a nine year old who is already a much better skater than he is.

Rachel Cohen
is a Caps fan descended from Whalers fans. She’s the girl with the Russian Machine sign you see on TV sometimes. Rachel draws and paints illustrations and t-shirts for RMNB (and occasionally writes about said illustrations). She earned a B.F.A. in Illustration from the University of Hartford, and currently resides in Germantown, Maryland. She has two adorable cats who are probably jealous that she paints hockey players more than she paints them.