RMNB’s Pick ‘Em Contest Rules

Want some free signed Caps gear or an RMNB t-shirt?

Here’s the deal: Before the Caps game starts, we’ll put an update on our Facebook page naming a prize. You leave a comment guessing the final score and who will get the game-winning goal.

For example:  3-2  Kuznetsov. That means the score was 3 to 2, the Caps won, and Kuznetsov scored the GWG. You can pick the other team, but you will be mocked.

If you’re the first person to guess correctly, you win the prize. It’s that simple.

Moar Rules

  1. One winner per game.
  2. You must like our fanpage to participate.
  3. Guesses must be made as comments under the dedicated Facebook Pick ‘Em thread.
  4. Comments that have been edited are not eligible.
  5. The game-winning goal must occur during regulation or overtime. Shootout game-winners do not count.
  6. Once the puck drops, no more guesses. Sit back and enjoy the game.
  7. Within 24 hours of winning, you must contact us with a FB message.
  8. If no one guesses right 10 games in a row, we’ll add an extra prize. Guess harder.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for Ian to mail out your prize. Be patient. He’s a busy man!

Good luck!