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Wes Johnson kicks off the event. (Photos by Chris Gordon)

As Saturday evening wound down, the streets around the Walter E. Washington Convention began to fill with Metropolitan Police cars. The President was coming. He had missed, though, the main event in the building that day, the 2013 Capitals Convention. Ted Leonsis unveiled the already de-veiled 2015 Winter Classic, players engaged in slightly uncomfortable yet humorous hijinks, and there were many, many panels about many, many things.

Below, take a look at my photos from the day.

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While Alex Ovechkin is easily the most celebrated player on the Washington Capitals, someone else was the star of Caps Con.

Everyone say hi to Ovie the Bulldog.

On the top floor of the Walter E. Washington Convention Center, Ovie’s human parents, Mike and Kim Robertson, set up shop with their leashed and well-behaved pup, greeting Caps fans on their way down to the convention. He made lots of friends.

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On a normal day, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin can shoot a puck at 100 terrifying miles per hour towards the net. Caps Con was apparently not a normal day.

Participating in the 2013 Caps Convention, Ovechkin, despite his status as a world-famous athlete, stayed  down to earth, playing street hockey with kids (more on that later) and displaying his skills on the hardest shot machine.

“When he came up, there was a lady about to shoot,” Caps intern Q’marth Ghaemi excitedly told me in an interview. “She turned around right before she was about to hit the puck, sees Ovechkin, and just totally freaked out.”

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CookingWithMikeGreen (2 of 14)

Cooking with Paige, Kate, and Mike. (Photos by Chris Gordon)

[Ed note: At Capitals Convention on Saturday, friend-of-the-blog Kate Hudson was selected to participate in a cooking competition with Mike Green. The first thing they made was a brie and strawberry jam sandwich. I’ll let Kate take it from here.]

When the schedule for panels came out, my friends and I knew we had to see Mike Green cook. I didn’t know what that would entail, but there we were, waiting for Greenie to struggle to bake something.

I was sitting with my friends Roxy and Katie waiting for the thing to start. They were asking for volunteers to help the chef and Green compete in an epic grilled cheese cook-off. Katie kept saying that I needed to cook with Greenie because that would be hysterical. So I stood up and was like “PICK ME, PICK ME” and Elliot pointed to me and told me I was the helper. I actually was like “Wait, me?” and Elliot was said “Yeah, you!”

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Yep. (Photos by Chris Gordon)

There were some wild panels at this year’s Capitals Convention. My friend Kate cooked with Mike Green, George McPhee talked about getting verbal abuse about trades from teenage girls, and Ted Leonsis… well, I guess that one wasn’t so weird. The best one of all, though, was the ping pong tournament between pairs of Caps players. Taking part: Karl Alzner and John Carlson, Marcus Johansson and Nicklas Backstrom (aka Team Swede), and Mathieu Perreault and Troy Brouwer (Team Sexy Legs). Team Sexy Legs you ask? Well, just take a look at Troy’s outfit. I will never look at my thighs the same.

In the end, Team Swede won all their games, taking the tournament crown. Below, take a look at my photos.

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The Brouwer Rangers and Troy Brouwer

The Brouwer Rangers showed up to this year’s Capitals Convention on Saturday. Being the first Caps Con in their new dubs, the duo made an entrance: they met Alex Ovechkin, took silly photos with cardboard cutout Caps players, played street hockey, and signed autographs for fans (!!!). The highlight of their day, though, was taking a posed photo with their savior, Troy Brouwer.

Brouwer, who is a huge supporter of the two, smiled big and put his fists up with the Rangers in solidarity. I’m getting the feels just looking at this pic. It’s perf.

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