Zach Sill Gets Suspended Two Games, No One Cares


You may not have heard, but Capitals center Zach Sill has been suspended two games for boarding Boston’s Adam McQuaid. The news was buried by an afternoon of crazy wild hockey news which included Nicklas Backstrom being named to his first All-Star Game, the Caps signing Mike Richards, and Nashville trading Seth Jones to Columbus for Ryan Johansen.

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Photo: Amanda Bowen

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin called TJ Oshie a “tough customer” after TJ’s fight with enforcer Adam McQuaid Friday. Ovechkin was impressed with how his new linemate could dish out punishment and take it as well.

“I see a couple good hits in his face,” Ovechkin said to’s Katie Brown.

After reviewing photos from RMNB’s Amanda Bowen and social media, I can confirm that Ovechkin saw those “good hits in [Oshie’s] face.” Ovechkin and the Bruins’ Chris Kelly had front-row seats to the fight. Together they watched, arms wrapped around each other like they were taking Homecoming photos.

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Five Caps, One Penalty Box (Photo)


Click to embiggen. (Photo by hendyface)

Last night, as I furiously GIFed and brightened some gloomy Joel Rechlicz screenshots, two Washington Capitals decided that the start of the third period would be a great time to settle all family business. Michal Cajkovsky beat the tar out of the Bruins’ Nick Johnson, and Dane Byers went toe-to-toe with tough guy Adam McQuaid in the second-most brutal fight of the night.

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Har har. Bruins fan taunts Ribs. (Photo credit: Emily C.)

The Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins have developed an intense rivalry since their back-and-forth seven-game series in the first round of the playoffs last year. From the Olympic-quality dives from Brad Marchand to Nicky Backstrom’s cross-check to the face, it’s apparent these teams hate each other.

That’s why on Saturday, as they played each other for the second time in 16 days, all hell broke loose. First, Mike Ribeiro fought Brad Marchand, and Matt Hendricks laid down the law with Nathan Horton. Then, in the third period, as Shawn Thornton tried to get Hendricks to drop the gloves, Hendy bloodied his fists in a fight with Adam McQuaid.

Let’s recap all the crazy.

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