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Alex Ovechkin‘s 2014-15 season came to an end Sunday as Team Russia got crushed by Team Canada 6-1 in the World Championship gold-medal game. Yes, that’s two crushing defeats for the Russian Machine in five days.

Ovechkin left DC for the Czech Republic Thursday afternoon approximately 15 hours after the Caps lost to the Rangers in game seven. Ovi scored a goal and tallied an assist in Russia’s 4-0 semifinal win against the United States Saturday.

On Sunday, however, Ovechkin managed only two shots on goal in 15:57 of ice time. Russia’s roster, filled with mostly KHL players (and Evgeni Malkin), could not overcome Canada’s team full of NHL all-stars (plus Cody Eakin).

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Less than 24 hours after the Washington Capitals were eliminated by the New York Rangers, Alex Ovechkin was on a plane to Prague. After another early exit from the NHL postseason, Ovechkin jetted off to play in his 11th World Championship tournament. In 65 career games, Ovechkin had scored 57 points. He added two more today, helping Russia advance to the gold medal game against Sidney Crosby and Team Canada on Sunday. Ovi has already won Gold at Worlds three times. Another party with Vladimir Putin may be in order this year.

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The Caps are done, so– like the swallows to Capistrano– Alex Ovechkin is going to the IIHF World Championships, held this year in Prague.

According to Sov Sport, Ovechkin agreed to join Team Russia by phone as soon as the Caps landed in Washington at 2 AM. Ovechkin took a flight out of Dulles this afternoon and will arrive in Prague Friday at 11:40 AM. RMNB reader @Super_Dad_Esq snapped a photo of him at the terminal.

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Alex Ovechkin: ‘We Were So Close’

AlexOvechkinKathy Willens

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After the Capitals nearly came back from a 4-1 deficit in game six, Alex Ovechkin assured the media the Capitals would go to New York and win game seven. They did not, but Ovi did everything he could. He scored Washington’s only goal, throwing a game-high six shots on net. In the end, it wasn’t enough. After the game, Ovechkin spoke to reporters in a hushed tone. The game clock above his locker was frozen on the moment the Capitals’ season ended.

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Alex Ovechkin Scores in Game Seven (GIF)


All series, baby. Maybe he meant it like a book-end. After four games without a goal, Alex Ovechkin has struck again.

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I Guarantee That This Does Not Matter


There I was, getting Chipotle and listening to Bullseye, when I get the notification above. Apparently, Alex Ovechkin has guaranteed a win in game seven, and Barry Trotz loves it.

The second part is true. The first part is not.

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After taking a 3-1 lead in their second round series against the Rangers, the Caps lost game six 4-3 in front of their home fans on Sunday night and now must play in another excruciating game seven on Wednesday.

Despite the Caps’ history of choking in the playoffs– they have blown 3-1 series leads four times, the most in NHL history– Alex Ovechkin believes this Caps team is different. Despite winning only three of their last 14 series-clinching games, he believes they can return to the Eastern Conference Finals for the first time since 1998. And he’s not considering any other friggin’ result.

Check out what he said after the game tonight.

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Sporting event broadcasts come filled with narratives. This isn’t narratives in the baseless and meaningless “hot take” sense, but narratives as actual storytelling, which sometimes just happen to be baseless and meaningless. During the playoffs, narratives are thrown into high gear. Everyone likes a good story in their sports, and more eyes are on the sport during playoff time, so it makes sense to try to reel in the casual viewer with a good story.

But these stories, a.k.a. narratives, shouldn’t be told at the expense of facts. Some fact-less narratives are easy to detect. When an announcer basically makes it sound as if the Caps were the laughingstock of the NHL and Alex Ovechkin was a player not playing to his potential before Barry Trotz came around, the false narrative alarm should ring. After all, the Caps have been a playoff team, and at times a serious Cup contender, for much of the Ovechkin era, and Ovechkin himself has led the league in goals five times and won three MVP awards.

On the other hand, there are some narratives that aren’t as easy to evaluate for truthiness. Below are a couple narratives that have continued to pop up this series, whether it be on TV or in conversations with friends about the games. Being that the eye test can often lie to me, I wanted to take a deeper look.

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One of Jimmy Fallon’s go-to bits is Superlatives, where he takes an awkward bio photo of an athlete and then gives them a funny superlative like you’d find in a high school yearbook. Last night, he did some for the NHL again (NBC channels are airing all NHL playoff games) and Fallon mentioned three Caps players: Alex Ovechkin, Curtis Glencross, and John Erskine.

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Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin has always been a fan of electronic dance music– hence his friendship with superstar DJ Tiesto. As you’ll recall, Ovechkin famously went to see Tiesto play at Fur Night Club in 2010. That night gave us a lot of goofy photos and the GIF that resides in the background of our error page.

But there’s one problem: Tiesto is a Rangers fan.

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