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Wednesday afternoon, Mike Green signed a three-year, $18 million contract with the Detroit Red Wings. After ten seasons in Washington, many of his teammates went to social media to say goodbye.

Among the first to voice tribute was Caps captain Alex Ovechkin. Selected in the first round of the same draft, Ovechkin has never played apart from Green.

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Alex Ovechkin was joined in Las Vegas for the NHL Awards by a lot of people. And by a lot of people I mean there were so many people in Ovechkin’s entourage that it took several seconds for the camera to pan and capture them all.

There was his brother Mikhail, his girlfriend Nastya Shubskaya, his close friends Abe Hamrah and Gus, marketing genius David Abrutyn, some excited Russian guy with a mullet, and yeah, I have no idea who the rest of the people are.

The only person missing from Ovechkin’s entourage was… Hey, wait a second!

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Photo: Alex Brandon

We already told you that Alex Ovechkin took home the Rocket Richard Trophy for the fifth time and Braden Holtby finished fourth in voting for the Vezina Trophy. But there are a few other juicy tidbits from the NHL Awards ceremony that we missed.

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Surprise! Alex Ovechkin is pretty good at hockey, and he’s picking up more hardware to prove it.

After being robbed of what should have been his fourth Ted Lindsay Award (not that we’re bitter), Ovechkin tonight accepted his sixth Maurice “Rocket” Richard Trophy as the league’s leading goal scorer. It’s his third consecutive Richard and fifth overall.

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What to Watch Instead of the NHL Awards


Photo: Tom Szczerbowski/USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get real for a hot second. I don’t enjoy the NHL Awards. You don’t enjoy the NHL Awards. Why do we insist on pretending we do?

Every year the NHL trots out a mediocre host and a handful of celebrity (?) presenters, mashes them up with a band best known for being one people love to hate (2015: Daughtry, 2014: Phillip Phillips, 2012: Nickelback – you get it), and tries to pretend players would rather be there wearing shirts than at a pool party not wearing shirts. The best year of the NHL Awards was 2013, when there wasn’t an NHL Awards.

Here’s what’s going to happen tonight: Alex Ovechkin will take home the Rocket Richard trophy. That much is certain. He’s also contender for both the Hart Trophy as league MVP and the Ted Lindsay Award as the MVP as voted by the players. If he wins them, you knew he was going to win them, so what’s even the point of watching? If they go to Carey Price, then it was all a sham anyway so why bother?

Instead of suffering through Rob Riggle’s Gary Bettman-approved jokes and big-name celebrities – one half of 90s country duo Brooks & Dunn, Tom Hanks’ son, and Alex Ovechkin’s favorite DJ – awkwardly mispronounce the name Pavel Datsyuk, you should watch something else. Always here to serve, RMNB has put together some recommendations based on tonight’s TV listings.

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Alex Ovechkin Is Alex Ovechkin’s Biggest Fan


Earlier this evening, Alex Ovechkin took questions from reporters ahead of Wednesday’s night NHL Awards ceremony. Ovechkin’s first question was difficult, but he navigated it with ease.

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Photo: Ovi’s Instagram (@aleksandrovechkinofficial)

Let’s face it, Alexander Ovechkin is having a better summer than any of us. While we’re sweating out 96 degrees and a billion percent humidity in our business-casual khakis, the Capitals’ captain is chiiiiillllliiinnng poolside in Vegas with the most random assortment of people imaginable.

And he seems to have lost his shirt.

Here’s a who’s-who of those with whom Ovechkin is hanging out with.

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Hahaha. Yeah, ooooooook, Don.

Old, yelling, Canadian relic Don Cherry left his piano desk on Wednesday and spoke to SovSport’s Pavel Lysenkov after game four. Cherry answered questions about a variety of Russian hockey topics, but our RMNB radar went into panic mode when he brought up Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin.

Over the years, Cherry has made Ovi one of his favorite athletes to flog. From telling the three-time MVP to “have a little class” to declaring some NHL player is “gonna cut him in half,” Cherry has made his feelings known about the Russian star.

Wednesday, Cherry revealed that “Ovechkin is one of my favorite players.” Wait, what?

Igor Kleyner has your translation.

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Over the last decade, Caps fans have gotten to know Alex Ovechkin and watched him become one of the greatest goal scorers of all-time. Along the way, we’ve also been exposed to Ovi’s style of communication. There’s always lots of ha ha‘s and exclamation points. And parentheses.

Parenthesis use on social media grew out of Russia as an alternative to smilies. It’s similar to the use of terms like LOL, ROFL, and LIRL— just coded in a simpler way.

Have you seen those Discovery documentaries about elephant language? This is pretty much it.

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Alex Ovechkin: 2014-15 Season Review

Photo: Patrick McDermott

I was trying to come up with the most elegant way to introduce the RMNB season review for Alex Ovechkin, but all I came up with is this:



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