Photo: Melissa Schaab

“I think he said card,” Melissa Schaab said to her son Matthew. “I think he’s going to give Ann a card. Not a car.”

“But play the video again.”

That was the scene late Sunday night at the Schaab’s Laurel, MD home. Melissa’s 15-year-old son had been sent a video clip from his friends. It was of Alex Ovechkin speaking to reporters after his fifth career All-Star Game. The future Hall of Fame forward had mentioned Matthew’s sister.

The moment was unexpected, surreal.

“He means card. He’s going to send Ann a card.”

A 2015 Honda Accord is $22,105. A “Thinking of you” card by Hallmark is maybe $3.99.

He couldn’t mean car.

“Then I got on the computer and googled a little bit and saw more about it,” Melissa said. “It was all just sort of unbelievable. This is crazy. This is not happening.”

It was.

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Photo: Julio Cortez

Alex Ovechkin can score goals. Everybody knows that. His lamp-lighting ability is unmatched in this generation (sorry, Stamkos). And as Ovechkin takes aim for Peter Bondra’s Capitals franchise goal record (472, just 23 away), I asked myself how the Russian machine stacks up against the league’s all-time greats.

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Photo: @Ovi8

In news that will melt your heart, Alex Ovechkin got that car after all. After not winning MVP and not getting picked last in the All-Star Fantasy Draft, Honda presented Ovechkin with a giant key after the game anyway. Except it wasn’t actually for Ovi.

According to The Washington Post’s Alex Prewitt, Ovechkin secured the 2015 Honda Accord for the Washington Ice Dogs, a local hockey club for kids with special needs. Ovechkin skated with some of the team’s kids before the season. In October, Ovechkin went on a date with one of the girls, 10-year-old Ann, who has Down’s Syndrome.

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Photo via Caps Instagram

Sunday afternoon in Columbus, Alex Ovechkin played in his fifth career All-Star Game. He had his eyes on one goal: winning the car that eluded him at Friday night’s All-Star Fantasy Draft.

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It wouldn’t be an All-Star Game without Alex Ovechkin doing something amazing. During warm-ups, NBC panned to the Russian machine as he skated around with the rest of his Team Foligno teammates. It was at that perfect moment Ovechkin decided to pick the puck up with the blade of his stick and juggle it out to center ice.

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Last night, Alex Ovechkin was once again generous, giving away a bunch of pucks and his gear after the All-Star Skills Competition. We’re happy to report that the person who received Ovechin’s stick is actually a Caps fan.

Michael B., who goes by the nickname Moose, tells us that Ovechkin sought out him and his wife after the event.

I’ll let him explain.

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Photo: Dave Sandford

In an interview with SovSport on Saturday, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin was asked straight up if he wanted to return to Russia next year. Ya know, to debunk the rumor once and for all so we could all move on. Instead, Ovechkin left the door open for a possible return and even sounded like he has put a lot of thought into the idea.


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We’ve been documenting Alex Ovechkin‘s Goodwill Tour of North America all season long. Tonight we can file another entry. After the All-Star Skills competition ended, players from Team Foligno started throwing pucks to fans in the stands.

Ovi did this too.

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While Alex Ovechkin did not have his strongest showing in the Breakaway Challenge, he was awesome in the Hardest Shot competition. Ovechkin posted his fastest attempt ever, 101.4 MPH, which he accomplished twice.

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Photo: NHL

Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin became one of the most popular hockey players in the world partly due to his creativity in the NHL’s Breakaway Challenge over the years. He’s won the competition three times (2008, 2009, 2011). This is why Team Foligno picked him to compete again this year in Columbus. Unfortunately, he did not win.

While Ovechkin brought the creativity, he left his execution in Washington. His final attempt, where he took baseball swings at lob passes from fellow Russian Vladimir Tarasenko, was his most captivating.

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