For decades, the ugly Christmas sweater has been a fashion faux pas, an ugly, handstiched gift from grandma that you felt obligated to wear on the one day out of the year you actually see her. The colors are often a garish red and green, featuring designs of reindeer, snowmen, holly, and a waving Santa sewn on it. It looks terrible. You look terrible.

The NHL is attempting to out-ugly nana this year by selling their own version of the ugly Christmas sweater. They are so hideous that they are kind of beautiful. You must own one. There is a design for most NHL teams. Three players are immortalized in wool: Jonathan Quick, Patrick Kane, and our own Alex Ovechkin.

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Photo: Luis M. Alvarez

Nine minutes after his five-on-three tally, Alex Ovechkin scored again. This time it was due to a beautiful, well-timed drop pass from Jay… Beagle?

Wait, what? Did I really just type that?

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Photo: Geoff Burke

It took the Washington Capitals nearly 80 seconds, but they did indeed score on a five-on-three powerplay against one of the most dreadful (and undermanned) teams in the league. And tell me if you’ve heard this one before, Alex Ovechkin scored from The Ovi Spot. Hey! Even the Capitals are calling it that now.

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On Monday, Washington Capitals players got a special treat at practice. Cale Chimera, Jason Chimera’s adorable six-year-old son, came to the rink and hung out with the team.

Or at least I thought it was something the players would enjoy.

“I stay away from him,” Karl Alzner said to NBC Washington, terror in his voice. “He has too much energy for me. If he’s anything like his dad, he’ll be able to go for days.”

During practice, as Caps captain Alex Ovechkin left the ice, he met Cale at the bench. Ovi went for a wrestling move. It ended up being a poor decision on Ovi’s part.

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Photo credit: Chris Gordon

Alexander Semin is having a rough time in Carolina. He has no goals this season and has been a healthy scratch. Saturday, though, Sasha Minor spirits perked up. Playing against his former team, Semin had seven shots attempts in a 3-2 loss. After the game, he caught up with his old Russian pals Alex Ovechkin, Evgeny Kuznetsov and Dmitry Orlov. Ovi, in fact, eluded reporters postgame just so he wouldn’t miss his old friend.

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Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin is the franchise leader in overtime game-winning goals with fifteen. And when he’s not winning games in sudden death, he’s assisting on the game-ending tallies.

Tonight, Ovechkin wound up to the moon and unleashed a gigantic slapshot from just inside the blue line. Canes goaltender Anton Khudobin made the initial save, but the shot was so heavy, it bounced off his pads right to Nicklas Backstrom. Nicky quickly shot at the yawning net, past a diving Khudobin.

Game over!

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We’ve all got our own ways of getting ready. I like to pound caffeinated drinks and do push-ups. When Alex Ovechkin got warmed up for Saturday night’s dance with and the Carolina Hurricanes, he did his own thing.

He put on yellow-and-blue spandex trousers and a short-billed baseball cap and then he went a-hopping on a trampoline.

Okayyyyy, Alex.

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Photo: Bill Smith

Late in the first period on Friday night, Washington Capitals captain Alex Ovechkin checked Niklas Hjalmarsson in open ice. I didn’t think the hit was worth even minor penalty, but the referees saw something I didn’t. They declared it an illegal check to the head.

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Photo: Caps Instagram

Last night, the Washington Capitals held their annual Season Ticket Holder party. In years past, the event was held at Six Flags America. This year, the venue was switched to the National Zoo. Take that, Dan Snyder.

There was some player/animal interaction.

Before Alex Ovechkin signed autographs for his adoring fans, he got a private tour of the grounds and met the elephants. It’s only been a few days, but, wow, Ovechkin’s Movember mustache already makes him look like a college computer programming major.

Tom Wilson also met a lion – and probably got a wee bit too close to the cage.

RMNB sent Amanda Bowen to the grounds and had her document the night in photos. Take a look below.

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According to CSN, Alex Ovechkin Plays for the R*****ns



The Caps are way better than 3-6.

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