Alex Ovechkin delivers a bunch of hits on a nightly basis. He ranks in the NHL’s top five– along with Caps defenseman Brooks Orpik.

In the first period against the Flyers, Ovechkin lowered the boom on Nick Schultz. No big. We’ve seen him check a million guys before.

This time though, Ovi hit a defenseman so hard that the plastic camera covering affixed to the boards fell off.

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NBCSN employs some of the most talented video people in the world. That’s why I need to show you this insane Vine featuring two-dimensional Alex Ovechkin trying to maim 2D Claude Giroux with a lightsaber. NBCSN made this to promote their national Wednesday Rivalry Night game between the Caps and Flyers.

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For the longest time, we’ve been subjected to the national media telling us that Alex Ovechkin is selfish, eurotrash, and a coach killer. So forgive me if this feels like the same old story, but here’s another article dedicated to how the Russian machine made a kid’s night.

After every home game, whoever from the Caps is selected as one of the night’s three stars tosses a puck into the stands. Ovechkin, second star against the Avalanche, came out out of the locker room and waved to the crowd. Then he handed a puck to a tiny Caps fan right by the railing.

You’re going to need to check out this kid’s reaction.

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Photo credit: Chris Gordon

Pretty much every time the Caps face off against a team with Russians, Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov hold court with their countrymen in the hallway just off the visitor’s bench.

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The Caps’ fourth line, who had been irritating Colorado all night, drew a big penalty late in the second period. After Tom Wilson drove to the crease, Semyon Varlmov threw a left cross that hit the Toronto native square in the face.

Not really though. Varly got all face shield. Great acting job by Willy Baby.

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Clutch photo by Adam Vingan

Evgeny Kuznetsov played well against Toronto last week. Not one to let his friend get a big head, Russian comrade Alex Ovechkin, knocked him down a peg or two by pranking his post-game press conference. “You can’t speak English,” Ovechkin yelled, picked up by microphones.

You can watch that whole interview on RMNB.

On Monday, Kuznetsov struck back in the weirdest way possible.

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Alex Ovechkin Named 2015 NHL All-Star


Photo: Rob Carr

Alex Ovechkin has been named to the 2015 All-Star Game held in Columbus. He will be the only Capitals representative at the game. This news comes one week after Ovi was named the second star of the week by the NHL.

Ovechkin’s had another superb year– in a career full of them. He leads the NHL in shots, ranks fifth in goals (21), and has done countless kind things for fans all season long.

The only downside? He will be forced to wear a hideous jersey that looks more like a bike uniform.

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Alex Ovechkin is making it rain goals. He’s got a five-game goal streak going. Lately, hockey’s just been easy for him.

Tonight’s blast on the power play continued the Russian machine’s hotness. The ping sounded like he played the slots and hit all sevens.

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When Alex Ovechkin scored his 20th goal of the season — an empty-net tally in the game’s final minute — it unleashed some joking on the bench between him and fellow countryman Evgeny Kuznetsov.

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Team Russia put up a valiant effort but lost to Canada 5-4 in the World Junior Championship. Silver sucks, but they got an awesome consolation prize. The team stuck around for two days in Toronto and hung out with fellow countrymen Alex Ovechkin and Evgeny Kuznetsov after the Caps’ morning skate Wednesday.

It looks like it was fun.

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