A few weeks ago, ESPN’s Scott Burnside wrote how this year’s Winter Classic lacked national buzz. Here’s another sign things may not be going well– even in this area.

According to RMNB reader Matt O’Rourke, Modell’s is offering Alex Ovechkin’s Winter Classic jersey for 50 percent off, sliced from $180 to 90. It’s not even January 1st yet.

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Check out the photographer, Bruce Bennett in the background. (Photo: Jim McIssac)

For about three minutes in the third period, the Caps trailed the Islanders by an unseemly three goals. The game looked like it was over. Finished. Dunzo.

Then Eric Fehr scored. Nicklas Backstrom too. It was a game again. The Capitals needed a big-time play from a big-time player. Alex Ovechkin was up to the challenge.

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Every time I think I’ve seen Alex Ovechkin do it all, he does something new and mind-boggling. This time, it was Ovechkin’s last-second shot on Marc-André Fleury from Saturday night. Ovechkin didn’t score, but he freaking juggled the puck over his head twice high before taking a baseball swing and firing a shot on net.

He almost scored stick-side. That would have been every bit the highlight-reel goal Ovechkin’s score from last week was.

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Eric Fehr is God: Caps Blank Pens 3-0



I spent my Saturday at Nationals Park — well, until NHL PR literally chased me out. The stadium is nearly in its full party dress with fake domes, banners, and a sheet of ice with logos on.

But alas, there were still more games on the calendar before New Year’s Day. Tonight the Caps visited Pittsburgh. A bunch of the Penguins have mumps. Crosby had mumps. Mumps makes your face big. Okay, we got that out of the way.

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Because EPIX loves us, they dedicated an entire segment of episode two focusing on Alex Ovechkin‘s unique personality, on display at a Washington Wizards game!

Sitting in extravagant courtside seats, EPIX paints a picture of just how non-extravagant this scene is. “Ovechkin prefers the front row than a luxury suite,” Not-Liev Schreiber says softly. “With no interest from hiding from the crowds or having someone else bring him what he wants.”

It’s at that very moment when we see Ovechkin pop up the Verizon Center stairs solo with a very important mission.

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Photo: @Ovi8

Do Ovechkin, Kuznetsov, and Orlov realize Burakovksy isn’t– like– Russian? What is going on here? I have so many questions. I just hope they feed him.

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The Washington Capitals lost to the New York Rangers tonight, but dammit, the Caps gave them one hell of a fight in the third. Down 3-0, Evgeny Kuznetsov scored a pretty seven-hole goal. Then Alex Ovechkin brought Washington within one after a power-play goal from The Ovi Spot.

Normally those goals are boring– if you’ve seen one, you’ve seen ‘em all. But not this one. Let me explain.

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The New York Rangers have played physical with Alex Ovechkin all night long. There was no play that illustrated that better than after this first period whistle.

Two Blueshirts bee-lined to the Russian machine. Ovechkin responded with a big shove back, causing one Rangers fan to nearly blow a gasket and literally explode an artery.

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All photos via BrooksLaichyear.com

A lot of national media have called Alex Ovechkin selfish, among other awful things over the years. With that said, let’s talk about Ovechkin’s Saturday night in New Jersey.

The Russian machine had one of the most dominant performances of his career, including a sensational tally we’re calling The Goal Part II.

So how did Ovechkin celebrate? By thinking of someone else of course.

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When are you supposed to lie down and slide in hockey? I don’t know. Maybe Alex Ovechkin doesn’t either. In the first period of the Blue Jackets game, Ovi made a consummate block, eliminating a scoring chance by Jeremy Morin.

He slid all the way to the end boards. Two Jackets had to hop over him.

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