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Mark Gandler is always good for a pot stirring. As an agent for Alex Semin, Gandler has rarely hesitated to drop a bombastic statement about his client or his critics. With Semin moved to the Carolina Hurricanes, playing pretty well, and pulling in a cool prorated $7 million for 48 games of work, Gandler must have figured it was his time to speak. In an interview with Sovetsky Sport’s Pavel Lysenkov, Gandler talks about how great Semin is doing in Raleigh, how underappreciated he was in DC, and why the Washington Capitals are so bad this year.

(Hint: Not enough Russians)

Igor Kleyner has your translation.

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Tuesday morning at 7:25, former Capital Alex Semin got his wake-up call courtesy of Elliot in the Morning. EITM’s resident mama Diane quarterbacked the call, gently chiding Semin for sleeping through morning practice. After a few monosyllabic grunts, Semin hung up. Twelve hours later, he set up Joe Corvo for the game-winning goal. #BlameEITM.

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Photos and GIFs from the lovely and talented welshhockeyfan.

On Tuesday, Alex Semin finally earned a point against his former team, an assist on Joe Corvo’s first period goal. But one nightmare shift in the second period threatened to spoil Sasha’s whole night.

Right after a faceoff,  Alex Ovechkin shot the puck, the blade of his stick catching Semin flush in the cheek during his follow-through. Ovi’s ex-BFF fell to the ice like a sack of vodka. When Semin got up, he had a bright red mark on the right side of his face.

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Alex Semin’s Return to DC in 28 Photos


Photo credit: @SuzanneKang

For the first time in 290 days, Alex Semin, the 5th greatest goal scorer in Washington Capitals history, was back in his old barn. Now wearing visitors white, the 28-year-old forward was booed each time he touched the puck. Despite four shots on goal, Semin finished the game without a goal.

Here are my 28 favorite Semin-related photos from the night.

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Happy Sasha. (Photo credit: @megab23)

Ahead of tonight’s reunion game against the Caps, Alex Semin sat down with Carolina Hurricanes color guy Tripp Tracy for a two-part English interview. It’s totally awkward.

For those worrying Tripp would nail Semin with incisive, hard-hitting questions like “Are your shoes comfortable?“, you may now relax. Instead, Tracy tossed up softballs like “What do you think of your teammates?” and “Do you enjoy Carolina?”

Hey, you guys don’t think there was any collusion between Tracy and Carolina PR following Troy Brouwer’s unkind words, do you? Naw! Tracy probably came up with “your teammates are clearly the most important relationship to you” all on his own.

With immense thanks to welshhockeyfan and Tom Kaz, videos and transcript are below.

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O HAI Alex Semin


You’ve all seen Troy Brouwer’s comments about Alex Semin. Brouwer echoed Matt Bradley, David Steckel, Michal Neuvirth, Pierre McGuire, Marc Crawford, and sarcastic Peter Hassett: Semin is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get from that enigmatic Sasha Minor.

We’re not here to re-litigate it, even if we have minor quibbles about the substance of his argument.

The fact remains: Semin is back in town, and we all gotta pretend like we’re not emotional basketcases for the next few hours.

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Alex Semin Takes a Puck to the Face, Stays in Game


Photo credit: Jamie Kellner.

During Saturday night’s game between the Carolina Hurricanes and Tampa Bay Lightning, Alex Semin took a puck to the face.

Relax: he’s fine, and his face is mostly in tact.

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Meanwhile, Alex Semin is Still Doing Stuff Like This

While the Caps are losing thanks to penalty and possession problems, Alex Semin (3 goals, 8 assists) is prancing around North Carolina doing unspeakably pretty things with hockey pucks.

For example, check out this gorgeous pass from Semin to Jiri Tlusty on the Canes’ way to a 4-3 loss to the Jets. In the video above, Semin makes a blind pass through Anthony Peluso’s legs to find Tlusty right at the goal mouth. Uncanny.

The Canes currently lead the Southeast Division, Alex Semin is averaging just .8 penalty minutes per game, and the Caps have a 4.5% chance of making the playoffs. On the bright side, it is 34 degrees and rainy in Raleigh today.

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Mike Knuble

Knuble in the Sasha Box.

On Saturday, if you were lucky enough to catch the Carolina Hurricanes game against the Philadelphia Flyers, you got to see two former Washington Capitals players compete against each other: Alex Semin and Mike Knuble.

During the second period, both players were on the ice, and whattaya know: Semin drew a penalty on Knuble. After some work in the corners by Semin, Knuble put his stick under Semin’s hands, and Semin dropped to the ice as if an imaginary piano had fallen on top of him.

Video below the jump.

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Alex Semin celebrates his first goal with the Carolina Hurricanes

Hockey hugs for everybody! (Photo credit: Gary Wiepert)

On Friday night, the Carolina Hurricanes defeated the Buffalo Sabres 3-1 at First Niagara Center and one former Washington Capital had a first. Alex Semin, after starting the season with two bad penalties, scored his first goal with the Canes, one of those classic Sasha no-look wrist shots that found the top corner of the net.

Video is below the jump.

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