Video: Caps Fans Mourn for the Good Times

Ted Leonsis called the Capitals’ 5-0 loss to the Hurricanes on Monday the “worst game of the season” and “unacceptable.” It’s hard to disagree; we’re bummed too.

And judging by their YouTube contributions of late, the general Caps fanbase is just as forlorn. Gone are the days of the raucous pump-up videos, brimming with glove-kissing Ovi goals and soundtracked by some awful nu-metal bands that you hear at the gym. Instead, we’ve got these solemn remembrances of happier days gone by— as if Washington’s ability to scoar moar goals died in a drunk-driving accident and this is the public-service announcement.

Greendayghostgirl‘s work is one such video. “Amazing Grace” plays throughout, contrasting sharply with the joy of the images. It ends on a hopeful if heart-heavy note: Believe. Which is just another way of saying Crash the net.

S/T to @GoodSasha28.

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