Capitals head coach Barry Trotz gave his players the day off on Friday after they defeated Minnesota Wild 4-3 the previous night. Through 53 games, the Capitals have the most wins (40) in NHL history. I guess they earned it.

Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, Andre Burakovsky, and Nate Schmidt decided to spend their free day in Dallas doing the most hockey player thing imaginable: playing golf. The four amigos traveled to the fancy Top Golf facility, which features a driving range (that has TVs in every stall), batting cages, and a 64-hole miniature golf course.

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Evgeny Kuznetsov’s Favorite Musician is Lady Gaga


Photos: thornescratch

The Washington Capitals organization gives out a program during games called “Breakaway.” Inside, it features various Caps players and their various (potentially embarrassing) survey answers. Kuzy, I’m sure, loves the surveys (Ian really enjoys that Vine), and some might even say he has a bad romance with them.

I learned a lot . . . maybe too much — such as Evgeny Kuznetsov‘s favorite musician being Lady Gaga. One can only imagine how excited he was to watch the singer perform the national anthem at Super Bowl 50. Let’s look at some other tidbits that thornescratch over on Tumblr provided us with.

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Andre Burakovsky Receiving a Latta Love For His 21st Birthday


Photo: @washcaps

The youngest Caps player is not so young anymore. Andre Burakovsky turns 21 today, and even though he still has to wait another four years to rent a car, he can now drink legally in the States, which is really all that matters to a 21-year-old guy, right?

But wait! Isn’t Burkie Swedish? Didn’t he celebrate his most important birthday three years ago when he could legally purchase alcohol in Sweden? Is this basically his 18th birthday all over again? Why, yes, it is. He’s even retained the look of an 18 year old just for the authenticity of it all.

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Photo: Patrick McDermott

Andre Burakovsky looked like a promising young forward after last year’s playoffs, recording 3 points (2 goals and 1 assist) in 11 games. Fast forward a few months, and it’s safe to say Capitals fans expected more than they got from the Swede in 2015-2016.

In the first 32 games of the regular season, Burakovsky recorded only 8 points, which included a 25-game goal-less drought between October 28 and December 28.

But everything turned around for the less-than-confident 20-year-old when he scored against the Buffalo Sabres on December 30. That same game, center Jay Beagle left the ice with a long-term injury, which required Marcus Johansson to fill in on the third line, thereby opening up a spot on the second line for Andre. In a blink, Burakovsky jumped from fourth-line right wing to second-line left wing, and he hasn’t looked back since.

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Cupcakes and Iced Coffee: Tom Wilson is a Basic White Girl


Ed. note: Please say hello to Victoria Dravis, RMNB’s latest acquisition.

Hockey players: They’re just like us! (And by us, I mean me and the thousands of other teenage girls hooked on the best game on Earth; no bias.)

Speaking of game, just look at Tom Wilson and Andre Burakovsky‘s Snapchat and Instagram game on the two whitest social networks above. So on point. #nofilter

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Here’s Andre Burakovsky High-Fiving a Dolphin


Photo: @andreburakovsky

The All-Star Break is over for the Washington Capitals, which means Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, and Andre Burakovsky are all back in town after their dream vacation to the Bahamas. But before we transition back to hockey, I’d like to point you to this image Burakovsky posted on Instagram. It’s Andre high-fiving a dolphin.

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Via larnbean

I was recently pointed to a Tumblr post containing an essential page from the Caps 2014-15 program. It’s three of Tom Wilson’s teammates, Michael Latta, Jason Chimera, and Joel Ward, competing to see who knows the Capitals winger best. This is shocking, I know, but Wilson’s roommate Michael Latta won.

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On Sunday, Alex Ovechkin scored his 500th career goal, becoming the 43rd player in NHL history to accomplish the feat. I said on Monday night after our 11th article relating to the goal, and I will say it again during our 12th: there were so many tiny, wonderful moments contained inside that one, we’re still sorting through them all.

Over the offseason, three-time Stanley Cup champion and man nicknamed Mr. Game Seven, Justin Williams, said that he signed with the Capitals because his son Jaxon thought Alex Ovechkin was “the best.”

While Williams didn’t assist on the tally, he was on the ice when Ovechkin scored. And just like he has been all throughout his career, Williams was calm under fire, remembering to pick up the milestone puck before joining in on the team’s celebration.

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Andre Burakovsky hasn’t had many opportunities to score. A mainstay on the fourth line when he manages to crack the lineup, Burakovsky has hit the back of the net just a handful of times this season. But if you pair him with Evgeny Kuznetsov’s otherworldy passing, good things will happen.

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Last November, former Swedish Idol judge and hockey/media guy Daniel Breitholtz did a bit where Nicklas Backstrom literally tattooed his arm at a DC tattoo parlor for a video on Aftonbladet, Sweden’s biggest newspaper. For their next trick, Backstrom and Breitholtz teamed up to mess with Caps’ Swedes Marcus Johansson and Andre Burakovsky.

The prank was pretty basic. Host Daniel Breitholtz is supposed to conduct a serious interview with Johansson and Burakovsky. But what they don’t know is Breitholtz is getting all of the questions from Caps center Nicklas Backstrom through his earpiece. Once Marcus is let in on the prank, they team up to continue the fun against a very confused Burakovsky.

There’s a reference to Swedes on bikes.

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