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Monday was the NHL’s deadline for trades. Instead of being cooped up inside biting their fingernails and sweating about their futures, Tom Wilson and Andre Burakovsky went golfing.

“Golf in February,” Burakovsky wrote on Instagram. “Not bad #quick9 ☀️⛳️”

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Friday night against the Wild, the Capitals gave away Holtbeast figurines to everyone in attendance. The action figure barely resembles Holtby, a point Holtbeast pointed out to the media, but that didn’t stop his teammates from having fun with it.

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Photo: Geoff Burke, USA TODAY Sports

As Peter so eloquently put it in the recap, the Washington Capitals had their garbage game tonight. But here’s where I’m going to blow your mind: the Caps still almost came back. They outshot the Habs 36-34 and were inches from tying the score.

There were a few good moments late in the game. Dmitry Orlov’s sixth SCOARLOV of the year was a sick snipe. Andre Burakovsky’s goal, which brought the Caps to within one, was also a gem.

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Photo: Geoff Burke

The Washington Capitals are a very good hockey team. One of the reasons why they’re so dangerous is their secondary scoring, especially lately.

Andre Burakovsky has eight goals in his last ten games; Justin Williams has 18 goals on the season and is the Caps’ fourth leading scorer (39 points); and Evgeny Kuznetsov has been the Caps offensive MVP, leading the team in total points (57) and the entire NHL in primary assists (33). With the game tied 1-1 and 2:30 left in the third period, the trio got their lunch pails out and scored an ugly goal to win the game.

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After a brutal first half of the season, Andre Burakovsky seems to have finally gotten his mojo back (pun intended).

In the second period, the Burracuda scored his 12th goal of the season, after a beautiful slap pass from Caps defenseman Dmitry Orlov.

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Nate Schmidt Still Has a Valentine’s Day Gift From His Ex


Photo: @SLuhman

Sunday was Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the calendar year. Ahead of the holiday, On Tap Magazine asked Capitals players the best gifts they ever received, advice on the best gifts to give, and their favorite Valentine’s Day memories in general.

Dmitry Orlov and Mike Richards recommended fans give flowers to their loved ones. Nate Schmidt talked about the favorite Valentine’s Day gift he ever received and I need to tell you about it.

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Andre Burakovsky Can Throw a Perfect Spiral Now


The last time we visited the underbelly of an NHL arena, we learned that Andre Burakovsky could not throw a football right. Let’s revisit.

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Capitals head coach Barry Trotz gave his players the day off on Friday after they defeated Minnesota Wild 4-3 the previous night. Through 53 games, the Capitals have the most wins (40) in NHL history. I guess they earned it.

Tom Wilson, Michael Latta, Andre Burakovsky, and Nate Schmidt decided to spend their free day in Dallas doing the most hockey player thing imaginable: playing golf. The four amigos traveled to the fancy Top Golf facility, which features a driving range (that has TVs in every stall), batting cages, and a 64-hole miniature golf course.

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Evgeny Kuznetsov’s Favorite Musician is Lady Gaga


Photos: thornescratch

The Washington Capitals organization gives out a program during games called “Breakaway.” Inside, it features various Caps players and their various (potentially embarrassing) survey answers. Kuzy, I’m sure, loves the surveys (Ian really enjoys that Vine), and some might even say he has a bad romance with them.

I learned a lot . . . maybe too much — such as Evgeny Kuznetsov‘s favorite musician being Lady Gaga. One can only imagine how excited he was to watch the singer perform the national anthem at Super Bowl 50. Let’s look at some other tidbits that thornescratch over on Tumblr provided us with.

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Andre Burakovsky Receiving a Latta Love For His 21st Birthday


Photo: @washcaps

The youngest Caps player is not so young anymore. Andre Burakovsky turns 21 today, and even though he still has to wait another four years to rent a car, he can now drink legally in the States, which is really all that matters to a 21-year-old guy, right?

But wait! Isn’t Burkie Swedish? Didn’t he celebrate his most important birthday three years ago when he could legally purchase alcohol in Sweden? Is this basically his 18th birthday all over again? Why, yes, it is. He’s even retained the look of an 18 year old just for the authenticity of it all.

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