Lucca Carlson Stepped On The Capitals Logo


Photo: @jc7474

John Carlson’s adorable son Lucca unwittingly committed a hockey no-no by crawling on the Washington Capitals’ logo in their weight room at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex Tuesday. “Trying to be a goalie????” wrote Papa Carlson in an Instagram post.

Like most teams, the Capitals have an unwritten rule forbidding anyone from stepping on their logo. The logo is roped off in the locker room throughout the season, but the same respect must be given during the summer – even on this slide board thing.

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Your Bad Joke of the Day

Some jerk from my old high school told this joke.  Maybe I giggled a little, but really I’m just angry about it.  Enjoy!
white russian

A guy walks into a bar.  He asks the bartender for an Ovechkin.

The bartender says, “What’s an Ovechkin?”

The guy says, “It’s just a white Russian, but without the Cup.”

In a related story, Habs v Pens tonight at 7 PM at Mellon Abattoir in tropical Pittsburgh, PA.  Will you watch, or is too soon?

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