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Earlier this week, Fedor wrote an article on Caps Development Camp invitee Eliot Antonietti. We highlighted the fact that Antonietti is a defenseman, Swiss, and really, really tall. Pretty tame stuff if you ask me.

The post instantly became one of our most read articles of the entire offseason, linked on both Puck Daddy and Reddit. Some are now calling Antonietti The Swiss Chara because of his massive height, while others, such as RMNB reader AJ Kaiser, are more fascinated with his majestic beard.

On Tuesday, Kaiser went to Development Camp and something special happened.

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RMNB Party 3: The Beard Groweth

RMNB Party 3: The Beard Groweth

We’ll see you guys tonight. Also, special thanks to 105.7 The Fan’s Sky Kerstein for promoting the party earlier today on his talk show “Morning Skate!” If you guys need any more information, you can find it here.

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