Bet: Can TJ Oshie Score 30 Goals?


Illustration by Rob Ullman. You can buy a print from Ullman’s store.

Early in Monday’s preseason game, CSN analyst Craig Laughlin dropped a casual prediction: TJ Oshie could hit 30 goals this season.

Some people scoffed. Some people said heck yeah brah. Over at RMNB, Pat and Peter made a friendly wager. Now it’s our first bet of the season. There is poetry and beer-league hockey on the line now, so read on.

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Photo: @StevenOleksy

When I think of hockey players training in the offseason, I imagine iron, ice, and sweat. I don’t imagine safety goggles and balls bouncing off walls.

A few weeks ago, Steve Oleksy revealed his newfangled training technique: playing racquetball with Braden Holtby.

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Photo: Chris Gordon

Editor’s note: Hockey Prospectus projected Troy Brouwer to score 21 or 22 goals this season. Ian did not consult the book before betting the Brouwer Rangers that he would not even hit twenty. The stakes if he lost: Ian would have to dress up with the B.R. and attend a game in full regalia. Brouwer scored twice on March 16th, and Ian has been dreading this coming Saturday ever since. To get you wayyyyyy more ready than you need to be for the big day, we turn things over to the Brouwer Rangers.

As you should know by now, Ian is set to join the ranks of the Brouwer Rangers. On Saturday, March 29, 2014, during a #mustwin hockey game between your Washington Capitals and those bastardly bastards of Beantown, Ian will don spandex, fanny pack, and helmet as retribution for a momentary but utter lack of judgment. It will be glorious.

In the meantime, let’s recap how Ian arrived in this tight spot (spandex joke!).

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