Washington Capitals rookie forward Tom Wilson nearly scored his second career goal in the first period of Friday’s game against the Toronto Maple Leafs. That’s progress, sure, but since Willy Baby couldn’t get his name on the scoresheet, he had to find another way to be remembered: his repeated facepunching of Carter Ashton.

This 32-second skirmish, the ninth of Wilson’s season, left both combatants hurting from blows to the body and head. Wilson cut the knuckles on his left hand after hitting Ashton’s helmet.

Warning: There will be blood.

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Late in the third period of Ottawa’s 2-0 blanking of the Capitals, Matt Bradley cleaned Senators defenseman Patrick Wiercioch out with what looked to be a legal, open-ice bodycheck. Zach Smith disagreed strongly however, and Bradley was forced to engage the disgruntled center. The two combatants traded multiple punches until Brads lost his balance and Smith wrestled him down to the ice. At some point during the tussle, however, the “paper-thinned” one was cut open and – surprise, surprise – bled all over the ice. As Bradley made his way to the lockerroom, CSN cameras caught a glimpse of him as blood poured down the side of his face. Since we know you guys love grotesque stuff like that, the video is above.

While we have you, we did want to ask what you guys thought of that two minute boarding call Bradley was assessed. As Down Goes Brown author Sean McIndoe correctly observed, Bradley had both of his skates inside the faceoff circle when he delivered the check. It was shoulder to chest. Is there something we’re missing?

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