Before game seven, the Washington Capitals had Bob McDonald and Caleb Green sing the national anthem together. As always, it was beautiful. But you could tell that they were a little more pumped than usual.

At the end of the anthem, Green punctuated his performance with a loud chant of Let’s Go Caps! McDonald pumped his fist.

And that’s why we love these guys.

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Photo: Monumental Network

Not only do the Washington Capitals have a talented team on the ice, they also sport a number of gifted people off of it. I mean, heck, PA Announcer Wes Johnson has been in a Julia Louis-Dreyfus sitcom, a John Waters movie, and a national TV commercial with Ray Lewis.

On Saturday, Caps anthem singer Bob McDonald will spread his wings in concert at AMP by Strathmore in Bethesda (doors 6:30, show 8pm). Tickets are still available as of right this moment, but you should get on it now, because I’m told they’re going fast.

The Master Sergeant has been singing at Capitals games since the 1992-93 season. As an active duty soldier, McDonald also sings in the U.S. Army Chorus. On New Year’s Day, he sung during the Winter Classic in the NHL’s best outdoor pre-game ceremony yet.

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The Caps’ Video For Bensten Is Powerful Stuff


I hate feeling my own feels. The Caps just turned my insides to mush with this two-minute video dedicated to Bensten “Bman” Schone. As you’ll recall, Bensten is the six-year-old Caps fan who was struck by a car after accidentally sledding into the road. He’s been slowly recovering from a brain injury ever since.

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When news broke that the Capitals asked the US Army Chorus sing the national anthem, some wondered if it was potentially a cost-cutting move. In previous Winter Classics, famous, Grammy award-winning musicians have sung the Star Spangled Banner, including the Zac Brown Band last year and Patti LeBelle in 2012.

Instead, Caps anthem singers Master Sergeant Bob McDonald and Master Sergeant Caleb Green combined with Caps PA Announcer Wes Johnson to author one of the most beautiful pregame ceremonies and anthem singings I’ve ever seen. In fact, the whole thing was so dang perfect and well-done, I found myself overwhelmed. I sobbed by the end of it.

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Before the Washington Capitals and Chicago Blackhawks face off on New Year’s Day, there will an elaborate pregame ceremony. Players will skate out of a fake Capitol Dome and reflecting pool. Then the national anthem will be sung.

Instead of picking some idiotic celebrity musician like that dude from Staind, the Capitals have selected Bob McDonald, Caleb Green, and the rest of US Army Chorus to sing.

In a Winter Classic full of odd decisions, this one is pitch perfect.

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Anthem singer Bob McDonald, not in spandex, and the Brouwer Rangers. (Photo: @CAPLDY)

Yesterday, we announced that Troy and Carmen Brouwer will be joining us this Saturday, Sept. 6, for  #PARTYZORD: The Brouwer Rangers / RMNB ‘Legends of Ice Dancing’ Tour de Pouwer (to support Friends of Fort Dupont Ice Arena)™. But if hanging out with the Washington Capitals’ best player* and his cool wife isn’t your thing, maybe our next VIP guest will be.

We’re excited to announce that the one and only Bob McDonald – star of stage and screen, part-time wine snob and certified American hero – will be kicking off the festivities with his beloved rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner,” a.k.a. our national anthem, promptly at 10 a.m.

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Caps Anthem Singer Bob McDonald Sings at Super Bowl


The Super Bowl got some serious class on Sunday, when the NFL had four-time Grammy-winning opera singer Renée Fleming perform the national anthem. It was great and most importantly it was 1:53 seconds long — a full-minute shorter than Alicia Keyes never-ending performance last year.

It’s the first time an opera singer has done the anthem, but we all know that’s not why I’m writing. This also marked (I’m assuming) the first time a Washington Capitals anthem singer has performed at the big game.

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The gang. (Photo credit: @zoharfilm)

Editor’s note: The Washington Capitals fan base is a tight bunch. We have both super fans and normal people, but everybody comes together to watch the team blow a late lead. It’s a nice community like that. Recently, a few of those superfans shot a commercial for a local wine shop. We’ll let Nathan from the Brouwer Rangers take it away.

On a chilly, drizzly night in December, unbeknownst to all but a few fortunate souls, magic was happening behind the locked doors of an Arlington storefront. On Tuesday, that magic was revealed to the world in the form of this commercial for Arrowine, a local fine food and adult-beverage store. Give it a look. We’ll wait.

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