How Much is Braden Holtby Worth?


Photo: Bruce Bennett

Braden Holtby is a restricted free agent (RFA) at the end of the season. With two seasons of RFA status remaining, Holtby won’t be eligible for unrestricted free agency (UFA) until the end of the 2016-17 season.

The Caps are not yet talking to Holtby’s camp about an extension. Meanwhile, Holtby is establishing himself as a top goalie in the league and not getting any cheaper. With that in mind, here’s a look at how much Holtby is worth.

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Braden Holtby to Make 23rd Consecutive Appearance

Photo: Amanda Bowen

The pregamer’s prediction was wrong. Braden Holtby will make his 23rd consecutive appearance tonight at Philadelphia, his 17th consecutive start. Wayne Stephenson played 22 straight for the Caps in 1979 – 1980.

Holtby has saved 93.78 percent of 5-on-5 shots since November 29th and 92.5 percent in all situations. He’s collected 11 wins in that span.

This announcement comes per your boy Adam Vingan:

There’s also some contract news on the Holtby beat.

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After the Washington Capitals concluded their first and only practice on the Winter Classic ice sheet, head coach Barry Trotz gathered his team in a semi-circle.

“They’re kicking us off the ice so we can let our families and let the people who helped us get here and the people you care about have some time on the ice,” Trotz said as the group disbanded. It was at that point dozens of friends, girlfriends, wives, and children came out onto the ice to enjoy a family skate with the Caps.

“This is Belle,” Braden Holtby said to EPIX cameras. “This is her first time on the ice.”

“Too bad you won’t remember this,” Holtby said, as he head turned to his new-born daughter. “We will.”

Brooks Laich could be seen skating with his girlfriend Julianne Hough. Trotz even got to say hello to Alex Ovechkin‘s mom and dad, Tatyana and Mikhail.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with your son,” Trotz said to Ovechkin’s parents, as the Russian machine translates. “I don’t know if it’s a pleasure coming back, but I know it’s a pleasure this way. I think we get along.”

“Happy New Year, health, good luck for the whole team and your family,” Ovechkin’s father responded back in Russian.

“The same thing goes for you,” Trotz said.

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Braden Holtby made a simple stop during a Panthers power play early in the third period, but he couldn’t find where the puck went afterwards. It was lost somewhere in his pads.

“Look, I can make it disappear!” CSN’s Joe Beninati joked. “He might find it in the shower an hour later.”

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Trotz Family

Following their sun-splashed practice at Nationals Park on Wednesday, the Washington Capitals stayed on the ice for an informal skate around the outdoor rink, joined by their friends and family — and there were plenty of them. Michael Latta got around 50 tickets for his guests, though he’s not the Capitals leader. According to Latta, John Carlson asked for even more. While the media was ushered away from the rink during the skate, NHL Network cameras and the Caps Twitter account captured some of the heartwarming moments.

These guys are adorable.

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Photos: Amanda Bowen

On Tuesday, the Washington Capitals took to the ice in front of a huge crowd at Kettler. With only one more practice before the Winter Classic, Caps goaltender Braden Holtby brought out his new, retro-designed gear and attempted to get it game-ready. That included a new mask, glove, blocker, pads, and a stick– all with a retro flair.

As we’ve documented before, Holtby’s mask design is based off one of Olie Kolzig’s first NHL buckets. Holtby has some more personal tributes on the mask some fans might not know about. His son’s name Benjamin was airbrushed on the backplate along with the flags of Saskatchewan and Alberta, Holtby’s home. The Japanese symbol meaning “Constant Improvement,” a staple of every Holtby mask, is also present.

RMNB’s Amanda Bowen captured all of Holtby’s gear below. He’s going to look good New Year’s Day.

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Eric Fehr is God: Caps Blank Pens 3-0



I spent my Saturday at Nationals Park — well, until NHL PR literally chased me out. The stadium is nearly in its full party dress with fake domes, banners, and a sheet of ice with logos on.

But alas, there were still more games on the calendar before New Year’s Day. Tonight the Caps visited Pittsburgh. A bunch of the Penguins have mumps. Crosby had mumps. Mumps makes your face big. Okay, we got that out of the way.

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Last week, Braden Holtby released his new Winter Classic goalie mask, which is basically a tribute to Caps great Olie Kolzig. That is the only explanation I can think of after NBCSN’s Chris Cuthbert blurted out this gem after a snazzy Holtby save in the second period.

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Washington Capitals goaltender Braden Holtby is many things: handsome, aggressive, slightly insane, and good at hockey. Tonight, we got another taste of the Holtbyisms. Early in the second period, Penguins forward Bryan Rust drove towards the net on a breakaway. Instead of staying put and squaring up, Bray Bray went for the most aggressive solution possible, meeting him past the slot to break up the play.

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Braden Holtby is a god. Check out this huge save against the Senators. While on the PK, Holtby showed off his flexibility and quickness, snatching a sure goal by Clarke MacArthur out of the air.

Take a look.

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