Tonight at 10 PM, the first episode of EPIX’s Road To The Winter Classic will air online featuring (hopefully) organic, not-at-all-contrived coverage of the team we love (also the Chicago Blackhawks). I admit I’m super excited for all the right reasons (pageviews!). Some old RMNB footage might even make a short cameo on the show.

EPIX has posted exclusive photos, featuring some fantastic portraits of Caps stars.

I have a feeling at least half of you are going to be very excited to continue scrolling. I even included a few GIFs and a video too.

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Midway through the second period, the Capitals faced a daunting challenge. Alex Ovechkin and Mike Green got whistled for penalties, giving Tampa a full two-minute five-on-three power play.

No matter, Braden Holtby was up for the challenge, making one of the most brilliant saves of the year.

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As a kid, Braden Holtby played forward before turning into a goaltender full-time as a teenager. That’s where Holtby gets his strong stickhandling ability from and that’s why, dammit, he’s going to score a goal someday.

Saturday night against the Devils, Holtby– after making 33 saves and playing generally amazing– decided to take a pot shot at New Jersey’s empty net with the Caps clinging to a two-goal lead.

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Midway through the first period, Braden Holtby‘s wife Brandi tweeted out something adorable. As CSN cut to her husband squirting water into his hair during a stoppage in play, the couple’s two-year-old son Benjamin– who recently learned to skate– did the same at home.

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Solid positioning here (Photo: Alex Brandon)

Would you like to play a game? Let’s call it ‘Match the Goalie.’

Those of you who read the comments in my post yesterday, don’t ruin the answer I revealed there. For those of you comfortable navigating War on Ice, don’t cheat.

Since Braden Holtby made his NHL debut on October 5, 2010, 53 goalies have played 3000+ minutes, Holtby being one of them.

Here is a table of four goalies with their 5-on-5 save percentage and where it ranks among the 53.

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All This Happened, More or Less: Isles Beat Caps 3-2 (OT)


Photo credit: Al Bello

“That is my principal objection to life, I think: It’s too easy, when alive, to make perfectly horrible mistakes.” – Kurt Vonnegut

For years, the Islanders have made that quote ring true. Confused ownership, terrible hockey and of course Nassau Colosseum. The old place will soon be gone from our TV screens. The smell, the lighting, the architecture, the scoreboard stolen from the local high school. So it goes.

Now, though, the Islanders are moving on. Pretty soon they’ll playing their games in a decedent building in Brooklyn. They’re also now good at hockey. The Caps had trouble with that tonight.

The first period was mostly dominated by the Isles. Anders Lee put them up top after John Carlson failed to cling to his man. Washington then released a small furry of shots before Alex Ovechkin got the Caps back in it with another one of them goals from the circle place when his team has more people on the ice. Travis Hamonic then gave New York the lead again when his high flying wrist shot made it past an effectively blindfolded Braden Holtby.

The second was mostly Isles, but the Caps came on towards the end. The Isles took another unnecessary penalty and Ovi did The Thing. 2-2.

Isles pressed in the third but there was nothing doing.

In the extra, scrapeless frame, Nicky grabbed someone’s stick. John Tavares threw his hands in the air. That’s all. Isles beat Caps 3-2 (OT).

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Like I don’t even know what to say.

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Photo: Caps Instagram

After Wednesday’s practice concluded, Braden Holtby took his son Ben out on the ice for a father/son skate. Much like Cale Chimera’s cameo Monday, it was adorable.

Tiny Ben, who is like ten million times cuter than this horrifying photoshop we once made, took the ice for the very first time with a tiny stick and a gigantic bicycle helmet.

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This is How Happy Braden Holtby is Right Now (GIF)


Photo: Bill Smith

The Capitals goalie hasn’t had a lot to smile about since October 26th. The Capitals’ five-game losing streak came to an end on Friday night. Stopping 38 shots from the Chicago Blackhawks, Braden Holtby was instrumental in securing the win and ending the slump.

So let’s celebrate.

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“Killer” Turnovers Cost Caps Victory Over Red Wings


Photo credit: Patrick McDermott

For the last few games, Washington’s offense has been lacking. Alex Ovechkin has struggled to score — going five games without a goal — while the rest of the lines have struggled to click as Barry Trotz’s looks for line combinations that will gel. On Wednesday, they got the offense. Washington clearly outclassed the Red Wings but made a few inexplicable mistakes. They hurt.

“They’re not playing overly poor,” Trotz said after the game. “You’ve just got to put your nose to the grindstone and plow through it.”

“Every turnover we did have ended up in the back of the net a little bit,” he added.

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