NHL: Preseason-Philadelphia Flyers at Washington Capitals

Brayden Schenn gets punched during 2014 preseason (Photo: Geoff Burke)

The NHL Department of Player Safety has suspended Philadelphia Flyers pest Brayden Schenn three games for his head shot on TJ Oshie in Game Six of the Capitals-Flyers series.

Since the Flyers season is, ya know, over, Schenn will serve his suspension at the start of the 2016-17 regular season.

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Flyers forward Brayden Schenn leaped to deliver a hit to Mike Richards, checked Evgeny Kuznetsov head-first into the crossbar, and tried to break Kuzy’s leg with a cross-check. All of these dirty plays went unpenalized and ignored by the NHL. But it was Schenn’s Game Six head shot on TJ Oshie that has finally drawn the attention of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety.

Monday afternoon, DoPS announced that it will have a hearing with Schenn Tuesday, describing the play as “charging/illegal check to the head.”

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Brayden Schenn’s Head Shot Against TJ Oshie


In a series full of questionable, intent-to-injure plays, Flyers forward Brayden Schenn just delivered a head shot on TJ Oshie, the same man he fought at the beginning of Game Five.

During a race for a loose puck, Alex Ovechkin and Andrew MacDonald battled for the puck. Oshie gathered it and was charged by Schenn. Schenn raised his arms and hit Oshie in the left side of the head.

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The Capitals were not happy with Brayden Schenn after his dangerous cross-check to the leg of Evgeny Kuznetsov during Game Four. Tom Wilson called the play “cheap.” Schenn, who’s delivered borderline hits all series long, admitted it was dumb.

“All I’m going to say about that is it was a pretty dumb play by me,” Schenn said to The Washington Post’s Mark Giannotto during the Flyers morning skate. “There’s no reason for that, and I’ll leave it at that.”

Friday night, TJ Oshie dropped gloves with Schenn right after the opening face-off, as if to say his team would not put up with that ish.

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Flyers forward Brayden Schenn had already delivered a series full of questionable hits. During Game Four, Schenn stepped his troll game up another notch, using his stick as a weapon.

The hubbub occurred late in the second period. Second line forward Justin Williams centered a pass to Evgeny Kuznetsov in front of the net. Kuznetsov took a few whacks at the puck in the crease before Michal Neuvirth froze the puck. That’s when Schenn arrived on the scene to deliver a cross-check after the whistle.

It was a dangerous play.

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Photo: Elsa

At first, it all went according to plan. The house lights went down at exactly 7 PM. The arena lit up in a sea of orange and white lights glimmering off commemorative wristbands. A tribute to the recently deceased Ed Snider, who founded the Flyers in 1967 and had owned the team ever since, played on the big screen. All of Wells Fargo Center, from the seating bowl to the benches to the press box, applauded a great owner. Then Kate Smith and Lauren Hart sang their trademark “God Bless America” duet. Within a minute of puck drop, the Flyers had the first goal, wildly sliding into the boards in celebration. The roar from the fans was booming. This was their night for their owner.

“Ed was a dynamic visionary who turned Philadelphia into one of the great hockey towns in the world,” NHL commissioner Gary Bettman said before the game in a heartfelt press conference. “He believed in excellence — and in this team, the Flyers.”

But in the end, that team let him down.

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During the third period of Game One, Flyers forward Brayden Schenn dispensed several questionable hits. Schenn launched himself into Mike Richards along the boards, knocked Evgeny Kuznetsov head-first into the crossbar, and hit Karl Alzner after the game ended.

Saturday night, the Caps delivered some humble pie to Schenn. Alex Ovechkin checked the forward into the Flyers bench during the first period. Then John Carlson sent the dude flying when Schenn tried to light him up as he skated out from behind the net.

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The Capitals kind of stunk in the first ten minutes of Game Two. I was frustrated, you were frustrated, we were all frustrated. But then Alex Ovechkin let us know he was feeling that frustration too.

Now presenting: Alex Ovechkin checks Brayden Schenn into the bench.

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Tom Wilson’s punching bag Brayden Schenn has turned himself into one heck of a player. In the regular season, Schenn scored a career-high 26 goals and was the Flyers third-leading scorer (59 points). He also can be a pest and an impressive physical player.

Thursday night at Verizon Center, Schenn focused more on the latter after Alex Ovechkin injured Flyers forward Sean Couturier with a clean open-ice hit.

In my opinion, Schenn crossed the line in delivering several questionable hits late in the game. Was he trying to injure dudes? You tell me.

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Richards during Thursday’s morning skate. (Photo: Chris Gordon)

In Game One, a late game boarding penalty by Tom Wilson almost ended in disaster for Washington. If the Flyers had not retaliated, they would have had their seventh man-advantage of the game with a chance to tie the game. Wilson, however, also showed restraint against the Flyers, a team that has had price on his head ever since his rookie season.

“I think Willy has done a really good job the last little while of being disciplined and backing off any hits,” head coach Barry Trotz said after the game.

Wilson moderation came earlier in the game when Brayden Schenn, who Wilson infamously charged three seasons ago, delivered at hard hit on Mike Richards. Wilson briefly considered engaging in vigilantism until Richards stepped in.

“You do what you have to do,” Richards said of the incident. “Willy’s a really high energetic player. That’s the way you want to see him play. He wants to stick up for his teammates, but at the same time you have to understand the situation.”

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