Alzner, Schultz & Hendricks at British Embassy ‘Stache Bash

Karl Alzner poses with teammates Jeff Schultz and Matt Hendricks

The estimable Chris Gordon of (@Caps_Snaps) tells us all about the limey culmination of Movember at the British Embassy, attended by three of our favorite lip-adorned Capitals. Take it away, Chris.

It was clear the evening was going to be different when Jeff Schultz and Matt Hendricks showed up at the British Embassy dressed as policemen. Schultz had been combing the Internet looking for prominent mustachioed actors to dress up as: Burt Reynolds or maybe Tom Selleck from Magnum, P.I.

With the Caps on the road, he ran out of time. So MacKenzie Kelley, Schultz’s girlfriend, did the next best thing and bought police uniforms at a costume store.

Getting in the spirit of the event, Dominick Chilcott, the deputy head of the British Embassy, thanked the Caps for showing up as “The Village People.”

The occasion was a mustache-growing contest among the British, New Zealand and Australian embassies for Movember. Hockey is hardly a big sport in Britain, but the Caps met the crucial test to attend: they had mustaches.

Karl Alzner, the third Cap at the “Stache Bash”, did not wear a costume, but he did burnish his image. He confessed that his mustache had come in a little blond and had been dyed.

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