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“Sorry, Penguin!” Oh, Ovi.

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Oh look! It’s another adorable promo. This time featuring everyone’s favorite Caveman Captain, Alex Ovechkin. In the above clip, Ovechkin joins the Capital One Vikings on the ice to help prepare customers for the end of the Chevy Chase Bank name. I’m not sure how checking a viking through the glass is gonna help me with said transition, but boy am I entertained. And God, Ovi’s gap-toothed smile at the end there connects with my inner bro-ness in a way some of you will never understand.

Anyways, let us know what you think of Sasha’s acting chops in the comments below! I’m sure we all agree this is Oscar worthy material, no?

S/T to Wyshynski and long-time RMNB reader Michelle (Thanks!)