The Tom Wilson #LotsOfTigers Carved Pumpkin


There were a lot of great carved pumpkins this year, but my favorite has to be by reader Emily K., who was inspired — like many of us — by Tom Wilson’s confusing #LotsOfTigers hashtag. Her reach may have exceeded her grasp, but dammit, it’s the thought that counts.

I’ll let her explain.

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RMNB Readers Share Their Caps-Themed Costumes and Pumpkins


Awww. Here are @jlbugher‘s kids as Ovi and a Red Rocker.

Happy Halloween, RMNBers! Since you’ll likely be chomping into arsenic-laced Snickers and razor-blade candy apples tonight, it’s probably best if you peruse all the Caps-themed jack-o-lanterns and costumes now. Like every year, we asked you to send us photos of your soween-styled Halloween doo-dads, and like every year, you guys responded splendidly.

Please have a safe and happy night while celebrating death and decay.

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Happy Halloween from RMNB and Our Readers


Sheepvechkin! (Illustration by Rachel Cohen)

Today is Halloween, which for me means less than one month until my birthday! Yay! Oh wait — I mean, dressing up, eating candy, and looking like a tool. To celebrate the holiday right, we figured we’d do a Halloween-themed post.

I’ll be honest: when I heard Chris Gordon‘s demand to solicit Caps-themed jack-o-lanterns, I thought we’d get maybe four images and this post would be a total disaster. Three days and 50 emails later, holy lord did you guys come through in a BIG way. (I guess that’s why he contributes to the New York Times, and I don’t.)

We’ve got Caps logos, we’ve got Ovi heads, and we’ve got 10 million Weagle-carved pumpkins. Follow me past the jump to check out the gallery.

Oh yeah. Homeowners, please remember: the more Mr. Big bars you give out to the kids tonight, the more goals Ovechkin will score on Tuesday. So don’t be stingy. And kids, show no restraint in eating your candy when you get home. Sugar is good for you, no matter what your parents say. Eat it all in one night. Dive into those Kit-Kats and Milky Ways like Alex Ovechkin dives into the boards after scoaring. Type II diabetes be damned.

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