Last Thursday, the Washington Capitals held their annual season-ticket holder party at Six Flags America and it was a bunch of fun. There were ketchup bottle cookies, dominant whack-a-mole performances, an Oshie/Yoshie meeting, and spur of the moment tattoos. Now the team’s releasing GoPro footage of some Caps and their significant others riding a roller coaster.

It’s mandatory viewing — especially because of how scared TJ Oshie is before the Superman’s first big drop.

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Photos: @Fairest_Of_All & @OsRavensCaps

We have one last story from the Caps season ticket holder party Thursday and it’s, well, delicious.

Like J.R., Caps fans Jenn P. and her cousin Steph came to the amusement park on a mission. Just it wasn’t for tattoos. It was to deliver some amazing baked goods to two of their favorite players: Caps roomies Tom Wilson and Michael Latta.

I’ll let Jenn and Steph explain.

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Photos: J.R. Ebling

On Thursday, the Washington Capitals held their annual season ticket holder party at Six Flags America. Many amazing things happened, such as TJ Oshie meeting TJ Yoshie for the first time.

Here’s another wild story.

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Photo: @EmmaK84

The newest Capitals superfans, TJ Yoshie and Mario, went to the annual Capitals season ticket holder party Thursday night with one mission: meet their namesake, new Caps right winger TJ Oshie.

You could say they succeeded.

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Photo: @stacelac

On Thursday the Capitals held their annual season-ticket holder party at Six Flags America. Two and a half years after performing the greatest soccer trick shot in carnival game history, Alex Ovechkin moved his talents to the whack-a-mole station. Naturally, he dominated.

Here’s the essential (but vertical) video from Melissa Allen.

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Photo: Caps Instagram

Last night, the Washington Capitals held their annual Season Ticket Holder party. In years past, the event was held at Six Flags America. This year, the venue was switched to the National Zoo. Take that, Dan Snyder.

There was some player/animal interaction.

Before Alex Ovechkin signed autographs for his adoring fans, he got a private tour of the grounds and met the elephants. It’s only been a few days, but, wow, Ovechkin’s Movember mustache already makes him look like a college computer programming major.

Tom Wilson also met a lion – and probably got a wee bit too close to the cage.

RMNB sent Amanda Bowen to the grounds and had her document the night in photos. Take a look below.

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Capitals fourth line forward Liam O’Brien is becoming a fan favorite in D.C. I’m not sure if it’s for his general fearlessness or his tongue-wagging. Actually, no. Check that. It’s definitely for his tongue.

On Wednesday, readers at tonight’s STH Party at the National Zoo tweeted us saying they met WWE’s Sheamus. They made sure to tell him they loved his extracurricular tongue taunts. But there was only one fan who could get O’Brien to show off that trademark organ.

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Caps Players Signed One of Those Awful Toasters


Photo credit: Amanda H.

[Editor’s note: When Washington Capitals fan Amanda H. went to the Caps Season Ticket Holder party at Six Flags last year, she had Martin Erat sign a photo of Filip Forsberg. This year, she one-upped herself. We’ll let her explain.]

Martin Erat signs the toaster (Photo credit: Amanda H.)

Martin Erat signs the toaster (Photo credit: @Komissarov95)

I had debated for a few days what I should get signed at the season ticket holder party. I have a ton of Caps stuff, but nothing really stood out to me, until about twenty minutes before I had to leave. Long forgotten due to the poor toast it makes (No, seriously it’s very bad toast, I have yet to find a setting that toasts most of the bread without burning the other half), my Capitals toaster sat on a shelf, not having been used in months.

Images of walking around an amusement park carrying a toaster danced in my head. It was too amusing to turn down. I have a suspicion those events might be slightly tedious so I felt like this might spice things up. At the very least it’d give me something to say to the players instead of just awkwardly standing in silence. I cleaned it up a little and tested to make sure the sharpie would actually stick. It did!

When my friend Alyssa and I arrived in the parking lot, I had a moment of doubt. Am I really going to go get a toaster signed? Why didn’t I clean it thoroughly beforehand? I figured that either way, this would be a great story and probably worth the effort. I went through security and the bag check. The guy checking my bag thought my toaster was pretty cool.

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The Best Caps-Themed Selfie Ever Taken


Washington Capitals fan/RMNB reader Sami took the photo of the night at Tuesday’s annual Caps’ season-ticket holder party at Six Flags America. You probably have already seen it. Eric Fehr tweeted it out, and both Tom Wilson and Connor Carrick retweeted it.

Sami, holding up her iPhone 4, took a front-facing photo of her three friends: Brenna (front row to the left), Zoe (second row to the left), and Danielle (second row to the right) as they rode the Superman rollercoaster. In the background, Caps players make silly faces. Braden Holtby looks apprehensive, Eric Fehr shows off his pearly whites, Tom Wilson gives an enthusiastic thumbs up, and little old Connor Carrick (who I trust was tall enough to ride this ride) manages to lean his head just above Fehr’s.

Study this photo. Look at it carefully. It has more layers than one of my website comp PSD’s (and no, I didn’t name the layers).

Danielle, who emailed us the group’s photos and kindly gave us permission to publish, was really excited. “It was really cool to see what happened to Sami’s photo,” Danielle wrote. “Because later on when we were visiting the players autograph tables, they knew exactly who we were from the roller coaster and mentioned that they saw the picture on Twitter.”

Tuesday was Zoe’s birthday. (Happy belated birthday, Zoe!) Danielle tells us that many players made a big deal about it.

The girls got autographs from Mike Green, Aaron Volpatti, Connor Carrick, John Carlson, Eric Fehr, Joel Ward, Marcus Johansson, and hahaha best Ovechkin.

Below are the rest of their photos from the night. Looks like a great time.

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