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Canes beat Caps 3-0, So Let’s Talk Trade Rumors


Bad Sasha

Upon hearing of the passing of Leonard Nimoy, the Washington Capitals were too distraught to play competent hockey against the Carolina Hurricanes on Friday. Instead of generating shots and suppressing the opponent’s offense, they did more of that butthockey thing we saw the other night.

The Caps couldn’t get anything going, and Brent Bellemore exploited Evgeny Kuznetsov’s turnover to put the Canes up. The doldrums continued in the second, when Jeff Skinner sniped two put the Caps in a two-goal hole. Third period was a chore, and then Nathan Gerbe got the empty netter.

Canes beat Caps 3-0. Shut-out city. Three losses in a row.

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Caps at Canes Pregame: Two Left Before the Deadline


The Capitals are in an odd situation right now. They’re a good team, but they haven’t been playing like it in the last 10 days. They’re a playoff team, but they’ve been losing to gutter teams. They’re reportedly buyers at the trade deadline, but most of the attractive players have already been snatched up. They’ve got a lot of talent on the roster, but they’re not necessarily using it well.

With just two games left before the trade deadline, I’m starting to wonder if we’ll see any big changes at all. Maybe the team we’ll see against the Hurricanes tonight will be the same one we see in May.

Game’s at 7 on CSN. It’ll be my first time hearing Joe B call a game since before he got sick.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 33-19-10 51.6% 100.4 23.4% 80.9%
Carolina Hurricanes 22-30-7 51.2% 97.0 18.5% 88.0%

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Safe is Death: Caps beat Canes 2-1


The Capitals played another excruciatingly mild game on Thursday night, this time on the road against the Carolina Hurricanes. They had the lead, but then they stopped pressing, and then they didn’t have a lead. If not for Eric Fehr, this would have been an awful night.

Jay Beagle scored on the rush early in the first, cleaning up Jason Chimera’s rebound. The second period went scoreless, but old pal Alex Semin scooped the puck to the top corner early in the third to tie the game. Eric Fehr forced a turnover late in rego and scored solo.

Caps beat Canes 2-1.

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Killer Instinct? Caps beat Canes 4-3 (OT)!

Happy Beagle GIF by @myregularface

A full sixty minutes of good hockey still eludes the Washington Capitals. Saturday’s bout with the Carolina Hurricanes almost shaped up that way, but the Caps let the Canes shamble away after the second intermission. And just like Tyreese on the Walking Dead with that creepy guy in the baseball cap, the Caps would regret not killing the bastards when they had the chance.

But they still squeaked out the W, and that’s what matters. Two in a row!

Eric Fehr drew a penalty in the first period, resulting in a hardworking power-play goal by Troy Brouwer set up by Marcus Johansson’s drive to the net. Jay Beagle made it 2-0 by scoring from an angle where it’s supposed to be impossible to score. The Canes got on the board late in the period with a nice goal by Riley Nash.

Eric Fehr scored a thrilling goal late in the second period, converting a turnover he forced, and then reaching wide to beat Anton Khudobin.

The Canes closed the gap int the third period. Jeff Skinner ripped off Eric Fehr in the D zone and set up Eric Staal for a one-timer, and then Justin Faulk got a shot off the faceoff through a bunch of traffic to tie it (Update: Lindholm tipped it, which explains why Peters couldn’t stop it).

With just seconds left in overtime, Nick Backstrom put Alex Ovechkin’s rebound in the back of the net like a flappy salmon.

Caps beat Canes 4-3 in overtime!

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Caps vs Canes Pregame: Can We Go For Two?


The Caps played maybe their worst game of the season on Friday night. And they won! Nothing makes sense anymore! Why even try!

Let’s see if they can do it again against Alex Semin (if he’s not scratched) and the Carolina Hurricanes.

Puck drops at Verizon Center a little after 8 PM on CSN Plus.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 5-5-3 53.1% 99.1 28.6% 78.3%
Carolina Hurricanes 4-6-2 51.4% 95.7 17.8% 81.0%

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Caps beat Canes 5-2, Peter and Ian Discuss Katy Perry

Gregg Forwerck

Photo: Gregg Forwerck

One year ago, an April game between the Carolina Hurricanes and the Washington Capitals would be a huge deal. The main reason the Caps made the 2013 playoffs was Carolina’s swoon. Now, the picture couldn’t be more different. This game didn’t matter to either team– and it showed.

And I get to recap it! Lucky me. I’m sure you guys are just lining up to read this.

Joel Ward scored from Fehr and Chimera early on. Then Chimera scored from Fehr and Ward. Jiri Tlusty notched a shorthanded goal against the suckasoft Caps PP defense, but Troy Brouwer restored the two-goal lead with a one-timer off Marcus’ great cross-slot pass. Eric Fehr scored from Chimera and Ward. Brouwer notched another goal in the third. Radek Dvorak rearranged your keyboard with a late goal for the Canes, but it was already over– on multiple levels.

Caps beat Canes 5-2. This changes everything.

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Canes beat Caps 4-3 (OT) to Kick Off 2014

Ovi alone  - Rob Carr

Photo: Rob Carr

Happy new year and happy snow day, Caps people! 2013 was fun. 2014 is going to be even better. We’re kicking it off with a home game against Seminlina Staalicanes and their goalie for the night, Anton Qdoba. This first game of the year featured a second-period bulge in the scoresheet, Alex Ovechkin getting off the schneid (whatever that is), and a whole bunch of that thing where the Caps get scored on right after getting a goal. I hate that thing.

Jeff Skinner roofed it on a first-period 5-on-3 that was more like a 5-on-2 once Nick Backstrom broke his stick.

Alex Ovechkin struck back with a “dart” in the second, but Manny Malhotra (whom I love) returned fire a minute later. Troy Brouwer tied it up with a backhander from the backdoor, and Steve Oleksy earned the lead, but then Jeff Skinner returned fire a minute later.

The third period was pointless except that it guaranteed both teams a standings point. Skinner got the hat trick and the win with a 3-on-1 in overtime setup by a no-look Ovechkin pass and a bad pinch by Orlov.

Canes beat Caps 4-3 (Overtime).

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400 for Alex Ovechkin! Caps beat Canes 4-2!

Volpatti black eye 0 Grant Halverson

Photo: Grant Halverson

I’m just glad we had a game to watch tonight. Going two days without a game in Capsland is like Lord of the Flies in fast forward; it gets ugly quick. We had a little bit of a mutiny last night, so I for one am grateful for a distraction. The distraction on this weirdly warm Friday night was the Carolina Hurricanes and their Staal brothers, for whom many bothans died to provide access codes past the Capitals defense. Putting Philipp Grubauer through his paces, the Canes outplayed the Caps but were unprepared for the Caps’ Jeet Kune Do on special teams.

Jordan Staal scored in the first period, finally converting after 17 or 18 semi-breakaways. The Capitals returned fire on a powerplay early in the the second when Marcus Johansson got all up in the net’s piece. John Carlson put the Caps up with a bullet on another PP, but Riley Nash tied it up with a rebound from the crease– again on the powerplay. And then, because all must goals must come during special teams, Troy Brouwer deflected in the go-ahead goal for the Caps while Sasha Semin was in the Sasha box.

And then Alex Ovechkin scored his 400th career goal on the empty net!

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Matching Sashas: Canes beat Caps 3-2


Derpfaces akimbo (Photo: Patrick McDermott)

It has been a long, five days since the last Washington Capitals game. The world just feels different now, ya know? The temperature dropped 40 degrees for one thing. Alex Ovechkin surrendered the scoring lead to a tween for another. No matter: the Carolina Hurricanes came to town and we finally got our hockey back. If you were looking for an even-strength exhibition, whoops.

Jason Chimera scored– doesn’t matter how; he just did. Elias Lindholm scored the first goal of his career in the second, a weird one that bounced off of John Carlson’s skate.

Ugh, I hate weird goals.

Alex Ovechkin scored a weird goal by deflecting Steve Oleksy’s shot, introducing all kinds of brownian motion that Khudobin couldn’t savvy. Soon after that, Alex Semin tied the game by converting a 5-on-3 pretty much instantly.

The Capitals defense reasserted its crumminess in the third, as John Erskine (6’4″, 220 lbs.) was unable to box out Nathan Gerbe (basically Rudy from the movie Rudy).

Canes beat Caps 3-2.

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