Chris Cooley’s Faceplant (GIF)


I don’t know why Chris Cooley was skating before the Washington Capitals Alumni Game Thursday. I really don’t. While out on the ice, the 250-lbs, two-time Pro Bowler made a big impact. Like, literally. He probably left an actual crater on the ice. Hope the Caps made him sign a waiver.

After skating towards the net and gently pushing the puck towards the red team’s goalie, the former tight end for Washington (sup, Rick Reilly) lost his balance, falling face-first to the ice. His head bounced. It looked painful and– joking aside– I hope he’s okay. (Also, in all honesty, my favorite TE from the mid-2000’s was Todd Heap.)

Former Capitals enforcer Kevin Kaminski then showed Cooley what an NHL body check feels like.

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