Almost every Caps-Pens game during the Ovi and Sid era has been intense, but tonight it went to a whole ‘nother level. And that level was angryAlex Ovechkin‘s slash to the ankles of Kris Letang sent the Penguins defenseman crashing into the boards. Everyone wearing a bumblebee costume on the ice wanted a piece of the Russian machine after that. Problem is– like we’ve said a million times– Ovi is made of some kind of weird Russian steel that does not break.

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A time machine.

Doug Johnson of Puck Buddys writes for Russian Machine. Tweet at them anon.

We had too much to dream last night. Blame the cough syrup. Either that or this stuff really did happen. We’ve got dazed and confused recollections of hotwiring a hockey time machine, tripping back to the past and then ahead to the future.  We saw Gordie Howe play (when men were men), Steve Yzerman (when he was hot), and the Great One (when mullets were cool).  We took in a few Penguins games of yore (when a young Sidney Crosby taught us all how to laugh) and even dialed it back further to when Bruce Boudreau was slim …mer. Go Fort Wayne Komets!

Before dropping the contraption back off back at RMNBHQ (with a full tank), we bounced ahead to Friday morning to see how tomorrow’s game against the Pens turned out.  So this is in effect a pre-review, we promise only a few spoilers. If Thursday’s game doesn’t go as we witnessed it, that’s because Chris has been screwing with the space-time continuum-thingie again. Ugh, kids.

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