Caps Beat Jackets 2-1 in a Snoozefest

Patrick Smith

Photo: Patrick Smith

Coming off just their second loss of the season, the Capitals, who are good, looked ripe to get back on track against the Columbus Blue Jackets, who are very bad. And it kinda worked!

The first period got started with Verizon Center about half full, which is fine, because nothing happened.

Things started to open up in the second. The Capitals cut through the Columbus defense twice, but TJ Oshie and Dmitry Orlov missed layups to keep the game scoreless. Justin Williams finally beat Sergei Bobrovsky as Nick Backstrom did his best Marcus Johansson to screen the Russian netminder.

In the third, the Capitals decided to show that have better hockey players than the Blue Jackets. Alex Ovechkin came down the left circle, went cross ice to Backstrom, who then put the puck on a tee for TJ Oshie. Good players playin’ good. Jackets added a goal, but they cheated, so screw that. Caps top Blue Jackets, 2-1!

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Caps vs Blue Jackets Pregame: Torts Returns


Photo: Caps Outsider

It’s not even the end of October, but the Blue Jackets have already fired their coach and brought in John Tortorella. So, yeah. things have been bad for ol’ CBJ. They’ve won their last two, albeit against really weak teams (Colorado and New Jersey), and Sergei Bobrovsky won’t be the worst goalie on the planet for the entire season. So, don’t expect a cakewalk tonight.

As for your Caps, they are looking to bounce back after Wednesday’s loss to the Pens in which they played pretty well.

Welcome back, Joe B and Locker. We’re back on CSN and the action starts at 7 PM.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 6-2-0 54.7% 101.4 28% 85.2%
Columbus Blue Jackets 2-8-0 50.7% 94.7 20.5% 69.7%

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Nasty Boys: Caps beat Blue Jackets 5-3


Image by Danny

Raise your hand if you expected Tuesday’s Capitals/Blue Jackets game– the first after the trade deadline– to be a grim, fin-headed mess of a hockey game. The good guys won in the end, but if it costs them Michael Latta for any length of time, I won’t look back on tonight as a victory.

The game started as so many of them do: with Alex Ovechkin opening up scoring, this time with a savvy deflection of Brooks Orpik’s shot. Eric Fehr waited at the doorstep to make it 2-0 before the first period was up, letting us think this would be a secure, uneventful win.

Dumb. The second period was a penalty-laden mess, and it played to Lumbus’ advantage. David Savard and Scott Hartnell each scored with a pair of darts– with Tom Wilson’s net-crash goal in between.

Ovi struck again in the third period because screw the Jackets. Scott Hartnell earned his second while Troy Brouwer was in the box and threatened to tie it on a suspicious late-game penalty, but Holtby was superior. Marcus Johansson got the empty netter and that was that.

Caps beat Jackets 5-3. Let’s get the hell out of here.

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Caps at Blue Jackets Pregame: Meet the New Guys


Photo: Capstragram

The Capitals are in exotic Ohio tonight for a game with the poor Columbus Blue Jackets. Tonight will be our first look at new forward Curtis Glencross and just our second at man-animal hybrid Tim Gleason on the blue line. These guys, plus assorted fellows from Hershey, will be your Caps squad for the duration, so let’s get start on the right foot: a W.

Puck drops at 7 PM on CSN-DC. Drive safe getting home tonight; roads are gonna be nasty.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 34-20-10 51.6% 100.4 23.6% 81.4%
Columbus Blue Jackets 26-32-4 46.3% 98.8 20.4% 80.4%

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Caps at Blue Jackets: Please No More Cannons

mup mup mup

Welcome back, fans of actual hockey games. The grotesque obscenity of All-Star weekend is now behind us, so we can focus on — well, I sorta forget.

Jog my memory. The team we follow is the Capitals, yeah?. The other guys are the Blue Jackets, and I can’t remember if they’re good or not. Let’s say yes since the Oilers were awful and somehow won anyway.

Tonight the Capitals (or ‘Tals as they’re called among youths) will perform a hockey match at the Blue Jackets’ home base field. The puck will be tipped at 7 PM on the CSN channel with Joe Bonaducci and his collection of interesting hats.

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Caps at Blue Jackets Pregame: There is No Second Line

From somekindofhockeyblog

The Caps still haven’t lost in #rego since December 2nd, so it’s important to not be a cranky grinch when they lose games in the 20th round of the shootout or make harebrained lineup decisions. We’ve had both of those things this week.

Washington will be hosted to a night of dating, discussion, and more by the Columbus Blue Jackets. Starting at 7 PM and airing on CSN, the Caps intend to keep their point-streak alive.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 14-10-6 50.8% 99.2 27.1% 77.5%
Columbus Blue Jackets 13-15-2 46.3% 98.2 22.5% 77.8%

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Artsy. (Photo credit: Patrick McDermott)

Tom Wilson needs to play like Tom Wilson,” Capitals coach Barry Trotz said early this month. “If Tom Wilson starts to play like someone else, then he won’t be on the first line.”

It’s been over a month since the bellicose winger got promoted to top line duty. He was in full bloom on Thursday, agitating the Blue Jackets all night. His premiere moment of belligerence came midway through the second period when Wilson goaded James Wisniewski into taking four minutes of penalty time for attempting to disfigure Wilson’s face.

Wisniewski’s assault failed, his stick snapping upon contact with Wilson’s chin.

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Power-Play Pity Party: Blue Jackets beat Caps 3-2 (OT)

Patrick McDermott

This is what the Caps’ other goalie looks like. In case you forgot. (Photo: Patrick McDermott)

I don’t know what I was expecting from Thursday’s Caps-Blue Jackets game, but it wasn’t this. I didn’t expect the glut of special teams and an explosive start for the home team. The pair of goalie interference calls were the Spanish Inquisition of penalties. And while I guess I saw the Caps’ offensive doldrum coming, I didn’t expect that depressing finish. This was a weird one– and it was not particularly pretty.

A little over three minutes in, John Carlson released a point shot at the tail end of a 5v3. Eric Fehr tipped that in, though we think Alex Ovechkin might have had a piece of it. The Caps dominated much of the period, but Nick Foligno tied it up with a giftwrapped goal in the fifteenth minute. The second period went scoreless despite a four-minute power play for the Caps.

Troy Brouwer masterfully tipped in a wide cannon from Matt Niskanen midway through the third to put the Caps up, but Kevin Connauton got a weird shot from outside past Braden Holtby’s left flank to tie it just 99 seconds later. That’s how it looked at the end of rego.

Jason Chimera got sent to the Sasha box in overtime, where Nick Foligno ended it with a snazzy shot.

Lumbus beats Caps 3-2 in overtime.

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Caps vs Blue Jackets Pregame: Take Karl to #TheBank


Fresh off a three-win road trip, the Washington Capitals have returned home… to spawn …and then to fight the Columbus Blue Jackets. At 7 PM at Verizon Center, the Caps will play host the the beat-up Blooj, the league’s most injured team by a mile.

If the Caps keep playing like they have been, they should be able to get their first four-game winning streak since April of 2013.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 13-10-4 51.1% 99.2 28.8% 76.2%
Columbus Blue Jackets 10-15-2 46.3% 98.0 23.0% 76.3%

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Caps vs Blue Jackets Pregame: Happy Veterans Day!

Jamie Sabau

Photo: Jamie Sabau

Can they make it three? To beat the Columbus Blue Jackets on Tuesday, the Washington Capitals might want to try playing the full sixty minutes of the hockey game.

Then again, the Blue Jackets are pretty bad. We shall see at 7 PM tonight– either from your seats on Verizon Center or via the good people at CSN Washington.

Team Record Possession PDO Power Play Penalty Kill
Washington Capitals 6-5-3 53.2% 99.1 28.9% 77.1%
Columbus Blue Jackets 4-9-1 47.9% 96.8 22.4% 76.9%

Programming note: I might be on the road, so you might get a very special, very русский recap tonight.

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