For those of you who hate annoying double scrollbars during hockey games, I have some bad news. Comcast SportsNet Mid-Atlantic and Dish Network have agreed merely to a short-term contract extension.

Sure, it avoids a blackout that would have affected 4.7 million households throughout the Washington, D.C. and Baltimore area. And sure, it allows fans to keep watching the hockey and basketball they love. But it also opens up the potential for more bickering and politicking before the current deal ends, which appears to be kind of soon.

So what was the issue? In summary, Comcast and Dish Network have been fighting over an increase in carriage license fees. The agreement was set to expire at midnight Monday, with Dish balking at CSN’s asking price and being all like “nuh uh, you crazy.”

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Video: Alex Semin Grilled in Interview with CSN

As the Alex Semin Promotional Tour™ continues, Comcast SportsNet aired its interview with Sasha Minor tonight and Jill Sorenson left no stone unturned in the gripping, Peabody-caliber exposé. “Are [your shoes] comfortable?” she asked. “Are you okay?” was another. And our favorite: “You gonna smile?” George McPhee even gave his two cents: “He cares.”