During NBC’s Sunday Night football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Kansas City Chiefs, the network debuted Alex Ovechkin’s commercial promoting NBC’s 24-hour sports channel (the reanimated corpse of Versus as of January 2). Set in black and white, Ovechkin is shown lacing up his skates. Ovi says, “practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect.” Which is funny because… well. Yeah.

Good timing to release a new commercial, eh?

S/T to @Valtard for posting the video.

The Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) teamed up with the Capitals’ Tomas Vokoun and Jeff Halpern a few months ago to shoot a PSA encouraging parents to check ratings when choosing games for their children — what Vokoun calls a “box check.” The ad, which has been playing without sound in Verizon Center bathrooms all season long, has finally made it to YouTube and we have it above. One word of advice for companies looking for a Caps spokesperson: Halpern is a natural!

Below the jump, check out a few behind-the-scenes pics from the ad via ESRB’s Facebook Page.

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Video: John Carlson’s New Hadeed Carpet Commercials

John Carlson Commercial

John Carlson ponders the next call-up for the Caps.

With Brooks Laich cornering local advertisements for windows and Alex Ovechkin being a spokesman for nearly everything else, rarely does another player on the Capitals get a chance to show off his acting chops.

Lucky for us, John Carlson — clearly a hot commodity after his incredible acting debut with Force 3 — recently inked a deal with Hadeed Carpet. Their two new spots debuted over the weekend on both Hadeed Carpet’s Facebook page and Comcast SportsNet.

Follow me past the jump as Captain America sells us on the finest wall-to-wall carpet cleaners in the area. SPOILER ALERT: Carlson doesn’t give anyone a pound this time. Sigh.

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Video: Alex Ovechkin’s New Mr. Big Commercial

In Ovi’s latest awesomely-bizarre commercial for Mr. Big, we learn that to be a big deal like him, you have to change bad things into good things. You know, like turning a kid’s broken skateboard into a gas-powered grand piano with grandma provocatively posing on top. Personally, I would have asked for a zamboni-tank that has a Greenman targetting system, anti-octopus shielding, and a rapid fire burrito gun. But that’s just me.

S/t to Capitals Overtime.

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Video: John Carlson’s New Commercial for Force 3

Few things are as quintessentially American as government contractors — except of course for John Carlson.

Here, Captain America helps sell us on technology firm Force 3. All this is as part of a new ad campaign by the company, with other star athletes taking part. Wait, does Joey Chestnut count?

So what do you guys thing of Carlson’s acting debut, and how does it stack up to Ovi’s fantastic natural talent for the art?

S/T to a fan post on Japers’ Rink by bagace.

Video: An Australian Hockey Ad Worth Your Attention

The Sydney Ice Dogs, a semi-professional ice hockey team in the Australian Ice Hockey League, recently released their first commercial to the world for their “Come to an Ice Dogs game, or we’ll ruin yours!” campaign. Above, an unsuspecting golfer learns the hard way that he should probably go over to the Catholic Club’s ice rink in Liverpool, New South Wales ASAP. Sure, this post has absolutely nothing to do with Nick Backstrom’s hand injury, the Capitals, or Russia in general, but since we love gratuitous violence – and it’s a Wednesday – we thought we’d share. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

S/T to @saskystewart, the self-proclaimed “First Lady of Australian Ice Hockey” for posting.

Since every Alex Ovechkin commercial deserves an Emmy, here is Ovi’s follow-up to his first Reebok ZigTech commercial.

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Video: CRL Goes Behind The Scenes of Ovechtrick Commercial

It is well known that our blog loves everything “Ovechtrick“. So when CRL’s behind the scenes video of the commercial shoot crossed our desk we were morally obligated to share it with you fine folks. Take a look:

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Come on, Steve Levy. Ovi’s no Russian Spy!

Thanks to Kathryn H. for sharing!

NHLer For a Day: One Fan versus Alex Ovechkin

Jerry Moxley

Editor’s note: Reader Jerry Moxley is just your average, amateur hockey player, but he has got one of the greatest “meet your hero” stories we’ve ever read.

If you can make a living doing something you love, consider yourself lucky. I was able to take my interest in television and make a career out of it, but I put on my hockey skates too late to become more than a beer-league weekend warrior. With the birth of my second daughter, I decided to take more work on the side to pay the bills. One day, through Russian Machine Never Breaks and Carlyn Davis Casting, I learned that there was a commercial being filmed at my home rink in Laurel, MD that needed ice rink extras. I emailed the casting agency with the expectation that of a little extra money and maybe a spot in a blurry background somewhere. It turned out to be something bigger.

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