Since every Alex Ovechkin commercial deserves an Emmy, here is Ovi’s follow-up to his first Reebok ZigTech commercial.

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Video: CRL Goes Behind The Scenes of Ovechtrick Commercial

It is well known that our blog loves everything “Ovechtrick“. So when CRL’s behind the scenes video of the commercial shoot crossed our desk we were morally obligated to share it with you fine folks. Take a look:

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Come on, Steve Levy. Ovi’s no Russian Spy!

Thanks to Kathryn H. for sharing!

NHLer For a Day: One Fan versus Alex Ovechkin

Jerry Moxley

Editor’s note: Reader Jerry Moxley is just your average, amateur hockey player, but he has got one of the greatest “meet your hero” stories we’ve ever read.

If you can make a living doing something you love, consider yourself lucky. I was able to take my interest in television and make a career out of it, but I put on my hockey skates too late to become more than a beer-league weekend warrior. With the birth of my second daughter, I decided to take more work on the side to pay the bills. One day, through Russian Machine Never Breaks and Carlyn Davis Casting, I learned that there was a commercial being filmed at my home rink in Laurel, MD that needed ice rink extras. I emailed the casting agency with the expectation that of a little extra money and maybe a spot in a blurry background somewhere. It turned out to be something bigger.

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Verizon Wireless’s New Commercial: The Ovechtrick

Featuring friend of the blog, Wes Johnson, and RMNB readers as extras! Enjoy!

Alex Ovechkin’s New Gillette Commercial

Alex Ovechkin shaves for Gillette

On Tuesday, Gillette announced a multi-year partnership with Alex Ovechkin. The Capitals’ superstar is now the company’s ambassador for Russia and Eastern Europe. Dan Steinberg of the DC Sports Bog has reported that Ovi will join such international sports icons as New York Yankee’ aging shortstop Derek Jeter and British rugby player Jonny Wilkinson in representing the company.

Well, last night I caught glimpse of Ovi’s first Gillette commercial, which has dropped in Moscow. Check it out!

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Outtake from Bruce Boudreau’s Hadeed Carpet Cleaning Commercial

It’s not often we get to peak behind the curtain.

The good people at Rosenberg Media were gracious enough to provide this outtake from their terrific, Penguin-bashing commercial spot for Hadeed Carpet Cleaning. Revel and absorb every last Stanislavskian detail of a master thespian in action. Ladies and gentleman, Bruce Boudreau:

No animals were harmed in the filming of this blooper, but one hockey coach was nearly stampeded.

By the way, when Russian Machine Never Breaks broke the original story, our site broke. Let’s do that again!

Thanks, Rosenberg Media, for the clip!

RMNB Exclusive: Bruce Boudreau’s New Commercial

What happened here?

Nothing gets me more excited for the upcoming hockey season than local commercials featuring some of the Capitals biggest stars.  The summer has already brought us a Capital One campaign with Alex Ovechkin checking a Visigoth through the glass and another of him moving new Redskins QB Donovan McNabb into the area. A few weeks ago, Comcast Sportsnet raised the stakes by releasing “The Race For The Cup,” an Inception-stylized promo hyping the start of the season. And we here at RMNB had been hearing rumors about another a clip featuring the Caps’ secret weapon, television dynamo Bruce “Gabby” Boudreau.

Well, with a huge special thanks to Hadeed Carpet Cleaning, we are proud to present Caps Nation with its first look at Bruce Boudreau’s latest masterpiece.

The clip, produced by Rosenberg Media, features Coach and his lovely wife Crystal. The couple are in a pickle after some unruly friends wreck their house.  Oh no! Who will save the day?

And yeah, there’s a pony.  Why is there a pony at the home of the former Jack Adams Winner? No idea, but I want to party with Bruce now. And if you think the pony is cool, you’ll love what’s hanging from the ceiling in the shot before this.

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Mike Green’s Second Geico Commercial

I’m not sure if I should ask, but if you haven’t gotten enough of the Geico Cavemen – and Lord Knows how could you not – here is Geico’s Second Commercial featuring Canada’s Best Defenseman, Mike Green. If you ask the Russian Machine for his opinion, this commercial is substantially better than the first, only because Mike Green is actually doing what he’s good at: playing hockey and mugging at the camera. No more of that silly “acting.”

So yes, this is a good hockey commercial. Why? Great dramatic lighting. Sweet Trick Shots. And a weird, almost confusing cameo by Head Coach Bruce Boudreau in the final seconds. Geico – you must have made a mistake – because this commercial is a pleasure to watch. As we did last time, let’s vote. How did Greener do? Let us know below:

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The Winter Classic And Mike Green’s Geico Commercial

If you were like me today, you spent your New Year’s the only way you know how, by watching hockey and drinking like you were 18 again. Yes, the NHL’s Third Annual Winter Classic was showcased today by our friends at NBC (we never forget Milbury), this time at Boston’s Legendary Fenway Park. The Philadelphia Flyers (and their fat and overweight dirty cheese-steak eating fans) made the trip up I-95 to play the Boston Bruins in a game for the ages that maybe had 8 good minutes of hockey.

What was the best part of the Winter Classic you ask? Well, beyond James Taylor’s stunning rendition of the National Anthem, it was definitely the debut of two commercials featuring prominent Capitals players. Mike Green made his acting debut and appeared in the Geico Commericial shown above (via gfcaps fan on japers), and Alex Ovechkin, Niklas Backstrom and cleverly edited extras wearing the #52 and #21 were in a Verizon Wireless Commercial shown here. Awesome.

I asked Peter, one of our lead writers, which commericial he liked best:

“The Washington Capitals’ invitation to the Winter Classic might have been lost in the mail, but the boys crashed it anyway. There’s the elegiac Verizon Wireless commercial that most everyone fawned over, but I really prefer Mike Green’s GEICO spot.

See, this commercial has everything I love. For starters, there’s Canada’s best defenseman, Mike Green. Plus those stupid cavemen get that institutional racism played out against them once more. Hijinx! Granted, I think GreenLife52 could benefit from a bit of the Stanislavsky method, but I still love this. NBC says we can’t be on a national hockey game? Listen up, Costas. Money talks.”

But see, I think he – like many other Capitals fans – were just wildly excited to see our players in commercials in general. And yeah, man. That’s sweet. I’m pumped too. We’re finally getting the recognition we deserve. But if you really watch the Geico Commercial and are looking at it from a fresh perspective, you notice that the Mike Green shown in this clip has about as much personality as a bag of potatoes. Okay, okay, I’m being too hard on him. He had as much personality as that creepy stack of money with the googley eyes.

Though, to be fair, his acting was 180 times better than whoever played the Geico Caveman.

But what do you guys think? Was Greener’s first commercial a huge success or a total letdown? Let us know and vote below:

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