Saturday at Harry Grove Stadium was Hockey Day. The Frederick Keys staff wore hockey gear (I’m wagging my finger at you, girl in Malkin shirsey), and two former Washington Capitals, Craig Laughlin and Alan May, threw out the ceremonial first pitches and signed autographs for fans on the concourse.

Before the first pitches were thrown, however, there was some intrigue.

The night before, during the Caps telecast, Laughlin promised to CSN Washington’s Joe Beninati that he would zing the ball into home plate going “105.”

Let’s goooooo to the videotape.

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GIFs by Ian Oland, who is looking up spandex unitards on right now.

With a 3-1 lead at the first intermission, the Washington Capitals had a terrific start to Sunday’s game against the Leafs. Then stuff started going wrong. The Caps hardly had the puck in the second and let their two-goal lead slip away when Dion Phaneuf snuck a puck through traffic. The disorder wasn’t limited to the players either; Craig Laughlin had struggles of his own.

With ten minutes left in the game, Troy Brouwer laid a hit on Paul Ranger on neutral ice, sending the latter into Laughlin’s nest between the benches. The collision knocked Laughlin’s telestrator off its perch.

“Watch out, Locker!”  Joe B said.

“Down goes my telestrator. It’s down and out,” replied Locker.

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Every night that Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin do the play-by-play of Caps games is a joy. Thursday night against the Florida Panthers was no different.

While Joe B. and Locker talked about the Caps trivia answer of the night, the former 30-goal scorer with the Caps revealed a funny story about how he found he was drafted. You see, kids, before cable and ESPN, the draft was covered a whole lot different.

I’ll let Locker explain.

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During Sunday’s 4-1 win over the New York Rangers, CSN’s Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin put forward another #CapitalsTalk question (ugh, #lamehashtag):  What’s your favorite hockey movie?

If you ask me, there are only three options, and they fall precisely in this order: Sudden Death (that Penguin fight scene always slays me), Slapshot (Go Bruce!), and Miracle (again!).

In the third period, Beninati presented some of his favorite response tweets. RMNB reader Nick P.’s response was just bizarre.

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Megan D. and Colleen B. hold up their signs proudly.

During Saturday night’s Washington Capitals-Columbus Blue Jackets game, CSN cut to two Caps fans holding oversized photos of Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin. It was a memorable part of the game and a fine tribute to one of the best play-by-play tandems in the league. I was intrigued: who were these young ladies?

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This has nothing to do with the Backstrom play, but, you know, it’s now A Thing. (GIF by welshhockeyfan)

With the Washington Capitals locked in 1-1 game with the Dallas Stars, Nicklas Backstrom crashed the net. That’s great. Net crashing is cool. But when John Carlson whacked the puck towards the crease, Nicky did something naughty after missing the tip-in: he cross-checked Stars goalie Kari Lehtonen in the face. That’s not allowed. Lehtonen went down hard, throwing his blocker off in the process.

Initially, the refs ruled it a good goal. After conferring, though, Backie’s goal was waved off due to incidental contact, according the NHL.

“[N]o goal, no penalty,” the league said on its website. “This play is the referee’s call on the ice and is not reviewable.”

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Joe B and Locker’s Finger Guns of the Night

Video via @recordsANDradio

This doesn’t come close to having our preferred team calling the game, but every little bit helps. Joe B better step up his suit game before Thursday is all I’m saying.

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Happy Canada Day from Craig Laughlin (Photo)


Canada Day is a national holiday celebrated by our friends to the north. To get all technical and historical all up in this jank, it’s the anniversary of the enactment of the British North America Act, which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.

Washington Capitals color commentator Craig Laughlin was feeling festive and dressed for the occasion. “Happy Canada day!,” Laughlin tweeted Monday while wearing a silly hat. “Celebrating with my mum, family, and a cold Molson in the great Canadian north!”

A few other Caps extended holiday wishes as well.

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Locker puts on a smile after Washington’s Game 3 loss.

No matter what happens to the Washington Capitals in their first round matchup against the New York Rangers, we won’t be hearing Joe Beninati and Craig Laughlin after next week. Once the Eastern Conference Semifinals roll around, NBC has exclusive rights to the games. Locker, it seems, is going out in style.

During Monday’s Game 3, the former Cap was in top form. It started when the Caps took a 1-0 lead. Despite taking a couple of penalties, the Capitals were weathering the storm in first period, so well, in fact, that the Madison Square Garden crowd started booing as the final seconds ticked off Joel Ward’s minor.

“You couldn’t script it any better for the visiting Washington Capitals,” Laughlin exclaimed, finishing his sentence just as Brad Boyle unleashed a wrist shot to tie the game.

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Animated: Craig Laughlin Signs My TV (Again)

Craig Laughlin signs my TV

GIF by welshhockeyfan

Washington Capitals color guy Craig Laughlin is an expert telestrator. And he knows it. That’s why tonight, after he drew up Joel Ward’s first period goal, he completed his telestrating by signing my TV (again). I equate this to a rapper dropping the mic after a sweet verse. Thanks, Locker. I’m going to put this up on eBay ASAP.

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