Joe Beninati Wins Big at Local Emmys (Photo)


Photo: @TarikCSN

This photo of Joe Beninati is how I will remember him when I get old and grey: smiling, immaculately dressed and rocking an Emmy in each hand. Tonight, Beninati was named the Capital area’s best play-by-play man/analyst, which he deserves so hard. He also received a second Emmy for best play-by-play composite, which I’m less sure what that actually means.

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Troy “Professor” Brouwer Could Win An Emmy


Troy Brouwer‘s insane, mind-boggling career season continues. After scoring a career-high 25 goals (which forced me to wear spandex) and receiving his first career World Championships invite to Team Canada, Brouwer has been nominated… for a local Emmy?

Did I read that right? [Re-scans the Capital Emmys Facebook page again.] Yes. Yes, I did.

Brouwer, along with 11 others (including DC101’s Elliot Segal), are a part of the Caps Red Line team up for the Best Local Sports Program Series Emmy. It’s the fourth straight year CRL has been nominated.

The 28-year-old British Columbia native served as a segment host for the series, donning a white laboratory coat and giving essential, nerdy insight as his alter ego, Professor Brouwer.

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In our first segment on CRL– let’s not mince words– I got my butt kicked by Tom Wilson in a game of NHL14. The stakes went like this: if I lost, Willy Baby would be the face of RMNB for a week, and if I won, Wilson had to sign something for me to give to you guys.

I lost. Bad. But because Tom has a heart, he autographed an RMNB t-shirt anyway. One lucky dude who shared our segment on Facebook will get the very last RMNB portrait shirt on the face of the earth.

Problem: I didn’t know how to pick a winner impartially. Sure, I have a TI-83 and I know how to generate a random number, but I’m not Neil. I had to solve this my way.

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RMNB on the Verizon Center Jumbotron


Photo credit: @katie_brown47

The Caps Game Entertainment crew aired RMNB’s first CRL segment with Tom Wilson on the jumbotron during the first intermission of the Caps/Preds game. It’s a bit surreal seeing your big head up on the jumbotron. Chris Gordon, covering the game for us on location, tells me he “almost pooped [his] pants” when it happened. We are pros.

Thank you for all your excitement and congratulations. The response has been overwhelming. We wouldn’t get these opportunities without your support, so again: THANK YOU.

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Caps Red Line: Ian vs Tom Wilson on NHL 14!


Ian braved rush-hour traffic last Tuesday to make an appearance at Kettler Capitals Iceplex. After nearly eight hours in the car, he now understands why we hate this city’s traffic so much. But Ian had good reason to make the trip: he played NHL 14 with Tom Wilson.

Back at the NHLPA Rookie Showcase back in August, T-Wilz took on the league’s top rookies in an NHL 14 tournament and pwned the noobs. In RMNB’s first segment for Caps Red Line, Ian decided to show Tom how real non-athletes get down. Ian’s been playing hockey– ya know, fake hockey– since Blades of Steel in 1988, six years before Wilson was born. Ian’s been playing the EA NHL franchise since 1993, which also was before Wilson was born. A lot of things happened before he was born.

An accomplished and experienced virtual athlete, Ian thought he would dominate the sassy 19-year-old. Let’s see what actually happened.

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10 Things About Our First Segment on CRL

RMNB on CRL: Episode One

At 2pm on Tuesday, December 3rd (tomorrow!), RMNB’s first segment on the Washington Capitals’ television show Caps Red Line will air on Monumental Network (it’ll also eventually be on the NHL network). I can’t give you any spoilers, but I can tell you that Caps rookie/future GQ model Tom Wilson is our first interview. The whole thing was really fun to shoot (except the 4.5-hour drive back to Frederick), and we’re honored to join an Emmy-winning program. Hopefully, our presence will have only partially ruined CRL.

So, without spoilers, here are some things to look for in our first episode. See the photo above.

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RMNB on Caps Red Line!


The news is out: RMNB will be contributing to Caps Red Line this season! We’ll be kicking it with new host Alan May and putting our own little spin on the hockey world.

We’ll have more details when we can. For now, we just wanna say we’re very excited and grateful to have the opportunity, and we think you’ll enjoy what we’re cooking up!

The new season premieres on Tuesday, November 19th.

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