Might as well just give it to ’em now, right?

The good people on the Hockey sub-reddit did the legwork on this one. They tracked down all the articles from the last few days predicting which teams will win each season. The results are… unkind to our Capitals.

58 hockey journalists hazarded a guess about the Boston Bruins-Washington Capitals match-up. You can view the original data here, but check out our visualizations (cheesy pie charts) behind the jump.

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Download and Print the Dale Hunter Sign

Your boy Dan Steinberg found some old posters celebrating Dale Hunter’s 1993 return to the Caps after a 21-game suspension. Now that Dale is the team’s head coach, we’ve recreated those posters.

The mondo link below will download a PDF, which fits an 8.5 x 11 page perfectly. Download the file and print a few dozen of these bad boys out (on recycled paper, obvs) to pass out to everyone you see in Chinatown. Let’s make some noise tonight and make Huntsy feel welcome.

Pdf (213kb)

Crash the net.

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The Machinist: November 19, 2010


RMNB mention in D2 of The Washington Post’s Sports Section.

The Machinist is where RMNB takes a look back at the week that was.

First off, big ups to Dan Steinberg for coining our new tagline: The world’s foremost authority on Holtbyisms.

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The White House Responds To Barack The Red

Seriously. Read Here.

(via the DC Sports Bog)

More to come later. Holy crap!@!1!!@!@!#@@#

Since this weekend brought us so many freakishly weird things, like my mother getting a “Slanket” (a rip off version of the Snuggie) for Christmas, we decided to just put up a few of the awesome things we observed. Prepare yourself.

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