Photo credit: @Backstrom19

There’s no question that we’d rather see Nicklas Backstrom on the ice, but while the Caps’ star center recovers from concussion, we’re more than happy for any update on what he’s up to.

Backstrom has been visiting his native Sweden while he’s been sidelined with concussion symptoms, and in the continuing trend of Caps hanging out with DJs, had breakfast with Dutch house musician Tiesto.

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Alex Ovechkin and Tiesto at Fur Nightclub

Ovi poses with DJ Tiesto at Club Fur

Ovi poses with DJ Tiesto at Club Fur (Photo via @Love4Greenie)

The Washington Capitals must have wanted to party after returning from their rowdy victory in Nashville. On Saturday the 16th (and well into Sunday the 17th), several of the Caps enjoyed the company of the world’s greatest DJ, the Netherlands’ own Tiesto.

If you’ve heard electronic music in the last ten years, you’ve probably heard Tiesto. He’s perennially rated in the top five DJs in the world by various authorities, including the Winter Music Conference. While he’s not operating in the jock-jam vein (“progressive trance” might be the best label), Tiesto is immensely popular. Washington’s pre-eminent electronic music fan and sometimes hockey player, Alex Ovechkin, is an avowed fan.

So when Glow programmed Saturday night at Fur Nightclub and invited Tiesto to spin, Ovie must have dragged the guys along. In the steady drizzle of amateur photo and video from that night, we see several Capitals on stage and behind the table with Tiesto, whooping it up for the throbbing throng before them.

Follow us past the jump for photos, videos, and how Tiesto spent his Tuesday night.

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