On Sunday, Alex Ovechkin took a two-handed slash from Ryan Getzlaf. Ovechkin responded by falling to the ice like a sack of bricks. It drew the attention of the officials, who might otherwise have missed a dangerous play. The Ducks captain was whistled for slashing.

After the game, Getzlaf was irate. He called Ovechkin a diver.

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There were a lot of wacky contracts given out at the start of free agency. But if you ask 500-goal scorer and very, very articulate NBC analyst Jeremy Roenick, there were none worse than the four-year, $20-million contract awarded to Mikhail Grabovski by the New York Islanders.

“Way to go islanders!!!!” Roenick said in another poorly capitalized and punctuated Twitter rage blackout. “Making a 40pt guy a 5 million dollar player!!! Grabovski?? 5 million??? I’m going back to the gym!! Good god.”

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