Any excuse to get this selfie on the Internet. (Photo: @CAPLDY)

For all you Eliot Antonietti fans out there (which, let’s be honest, is all of you), I have some exciting news via @YoItsZwilly. The 6-6, 236 pound defenseman, who participated in Caps Development Camp over the summer, is in NHL15!

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Photo: Chris Gordon

I attended Fanfest at Kettler Capitals Iceplex on Saturday, and it was adorbs as usual. After Team White won 7-4, the prospects headed to the locker room. Hearing his name called by the fans amassing at the railing nearby, first-round pick Jakub Vrana broke from the pack to sign autographs. Nearby, and not needing an invitation of his own, the six-foot, six-inch behemoth Eliot Antonietti walked off the ice and made a bee line to his people.

After being one of the most talked about prospects during the week (due to his massive beard and massive height), The Swiss Chara gave his game-used sticks to fans– including one to a teeny tiny Caps fan.

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Photo: @ajkais13

Earlier this week, Fedor wrote an article on Caps Development Camp invitee Eliot Antonietti. We highlighted the fact that Antonietti is a defenseman, Swiss, and really, really tall. Pretty tame stuff if you ask me.

The post instantly became one of our most read articles of the entire offseason, linked on both Puck Daddy and Reddit. Some are now calling Antonietti The Swiss Chara because of his massive height, while others, such as RMNB reader AJ Kaiser, are more fascinated with his majestic beard.

On Tuesday, Kaiser went to Development Camp and something special happened.

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Photo: EQ Images

The Washington Capitals invited free agent defenseman Eliot Antonietti to Development Camp, which began on Monday. Standing six-foot-six and weighing 236 pounds, Antonietti is an undrafted defenseman who just happens to be humangas bigDespite his young age (he’s just 21), he already has professional experience having played 108 games in the Swiss top pro league, the NLA, one of the best leagues in Europe.

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