Olie Kolzig

Kolzig smiles during his first press conference in D.C. as a coach (Photo credit: Chris Gordon)

Last Thursday, the Capitals’ new associate goaltending coach Olie Kolzig joined Elliot Segal on DC101’s Elliot In The Morning. The former fan-favorite goalie spoke favorably about his new gig and dished out plenty of interesting information in the interview, including Phillipp Grubauer’s potential landing spot next season, Braden Holtby’s tough situation, his thoughts on free-agent signee Tomas Vokoun, and much, much more. Check it out below the jump!

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Before practice today, Capitals left wing Brooks Laich conducted a 16 minute phone interview with DC101’s Elliot in the Morning show. Among the topics Elliot and Brooks discussed include Laich’s lack of a preference on which team the Capitals play in the first round of the playoffs, Dennis Wideman’s injury and what he heard on the bench when it happened, and an insightful look into the leadership Jason Arnott brings to the team. The money quote: “He’s really united the whole group.”

John Carlson’s 21st Birthday Party at RFD

John Carlson takes a drink at his birthday party at RFD

Defenseman John Carlson turned 21 earlier this week. To celebrate, he and a few hundred of his friends gathered at RFD following tonight’s dismal loss to the Canucks. Though the mood was somewhat subdued, the partygoers report having a great time and RMNB readers’ Suzanne W. and Sarah M. have submitted the following as evidence.

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Brooks Laich's got Bieber Fever

Don’t we all?*

The Capitals (along with DC101’s Elliot Segal and Alan May) participated in the laudable Toys for Tots at Toys R Us, and there’s awesome video. File this alongside Caps-in-police uniforms, pouring beer for charity, and skating with kiddies: nice for the community, but severely undercutting the bloodthirsty, grandmother-kicking reputation we want for our team.

The visit also seems to have sparked a Twitter brawl between Alan May and Capitals video producer/warm-up DJ/only-guy-who-can-reach-the-top-shelf Brett Leonhardt. You need to see that.

More silly pics behind the jump.

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Mike Green (Photo by Bruce Bennett)

At this point, we all know how the story goes. First, the Capitals lose Game 7 and Mike Green – the man who had two miscues that led to two goals that night – avoids the media. Then on breakdown day, Greener magically disappears from Kettler and avoids doing interviews again.

Maybe it was guilt, or maybe it was a subtle nudge by his agent, but Monday, Mike Green finally broke his silence via Capitals Insider and a 1 on 1 interview with Mike Vogel. Green talked extensively about his total devastation after the loss, why he avoided the media in the first place and what he thought of his performance in the series as a whole.

But then this morning, Green further expounded on his woes to Elliot in the Morning during my commute to work. After hearing the whole thing live, I thought it was an extremely revealing interview and worth sharing with our readers. I really want you guys to hear all you that can from the players so you can get a better perspective on why this historic season turned so sour, so unpredictably.

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